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✨🎆✨ 28 Flashes of Time ✨🎆✨


You carry them for 40 weeks, 39 weeks in my case with our second child. The little monster inside me was a hefty 8 pounds and 5.5 ounces. I gained 34 pounds and had a ball, making certain with a list that I ate 100 grams of protein every day. No caffeine and no visiting of anyone who smoked tobacco. No tea, coffee, or chocolate anything, all of these contain different levels of caffeine and I went without them while pregnant and nursing. Folks said I must be creating a Super Baby, who was I to argue? Frankly, especially with the smokers, I pissed a lot of people off. Tee-Hee!

Then seventeen hours of extreme labor with a scary liquid called Pitocin that made things turn sour. They promised a fast labor and delivery with this. Our first mistake were believing them. Had I do this over when my water broke at home first we would have just went to bed. I wasn’t even having pains yet. Not until the I.V. which in my opinion is the worst part of childbirth. No worry, it all worked out, no cesarean, only forceps and episiotomy. Despite that, including breastfeeding nearly a year, I still say the Pitocin and I.V. that administered it was by far the most painful, torture even.

It was not like this with our first baby “Ripley Riley”. Sadly, he did not live long inside my body, probably Trisomy 7. I was only 19 and that is a risk in itself. We had been married over a year, neither of us had any idea. There was no information on that in late 1987. By 1989 I was 21 and we were blessed with a living, breathing, healthy, baby. However do take notice, I never did so again. We did not even try, one seemed to be plenty. That came to my senses when in 1997 I found a pregnancy kit they now market, used much like a pregnancy test. “Oh, I forgot about this.” I said out loud. The date had expired and I tossed it casually into the garbage basket.

This is coming from someone who used a Basal Thermometer for 10 solid months and kept a journal. It might sound easy, in 1988 it was a pain in the ass. Awakening early for work and keeping a thermometer, ridiculously priced then, balanced between my lips without falling back asleep was no easy juggling act. Did I mention you could not get up or leave the bed? No, you are going to be aware you have to pee but must wait 10 minutes and then write down the results. Still, I managed and one year later, exactly to the date Ripley was sent to heaven, I discovered I was 5 weeks pregnant. December 3rd, 1988. Fascinating.

While this all seems like it happened literally yesterday, twenty-eight years have passed. Somewhere, somehow, time sped up. Surreal.

Those with infants who think they are going bananas with a screaming infant, do not blink, the years will pass quickly. Enjoy the moment before they become teenagers.

( Laughs, all Knowing )

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