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Back Over The Rainbow

I have said it before, I wear a lot of hats. I am my own Corporation, so to speak. From Modeling Events to Beauty Pageants, Fashion and Pageant Wear, PR, Activism, Entertainment Industry and of course Writing. I could go on and on, I am a very busy Business Woman. It’s a Living. For the most part of this year, especially September I was working in Denver, Colorado. This offered assignment focused on my Marketing and Public Relations skills.

It is a four year stint. Nice, but I chose not to live there and be away from my husband that long. This is why I rented a beautiful house there months ago. I don’t do hotels anyway. Call me a snob but – nasty! No matter how fancy the lodging they are never clean enough for me. I’ll rent, thank you very much. I would rather help out a Realtor and Private Owner anyway. A beautiful Chalet Style with a touch of country inside. Lovely and it is my preference. Simply paying the entire four years all at once the generous owners and real estate agent gave me an incredible deal.

Though this might sound like an adventure of a lifetime, the actual undertaking was mostly hearing 50 or so people debate in a Round Robin across a large rectangular table for hours. I am talking up to 15 hours at a stretch with traveling included, every morning, noon and night. Yeah, now I’m livin’ – ha ha! Giving opinions, listening to others do the same, visiting places I have been helping and seeing how my proficiency is guiding them. It isn’t all drudgery and I still have my moxie!

After a week however, telephoning, texts, emails were not enough. I missed my husband Rick terribly and our fur babies. We have two cats and they are getting too old to travel with their Momma now. Maury Joel Graham (the cat below) is now 14 and Madden Hade turned 7 on February 15th. I think Madden would handle the trip but that would leave Maury alone and I just cannot do that to him. I believe they are happier at a Tennessee home and seeing their daddy when he walks in the door from his job.

I know they miss me. They all do, especially the old man who had a present waiting for me. (THANK YOU BABE!) Rick says when I leave both cats cry out for several days. Ouch, tear my heart out kitties! By week two the scenic views of Colorado are no longer as shiny as they first were. I want to go home, nevertheless I deal with it. When tears come I say to myself, “Suck it up Buttercup, tomorrow is another day and this is your job.” Rick has the option of retiring in 14 years. I probably will join him – though that does sound a tad boring. Retirement? Me? Hmmm. Isn’t that what older people do? (gulp) However he is thinking about Politics so I may be doing something entirely different and I mean REALLY divergent. Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my!

We’ll see, I just hope I am not a future First Lady, I do not know how they do it, I would be totally freaked out. I may be eating those words later down the road. It is bad enough on the Red Carpet, surrounded by Celebrities (I hide behind them as a shield) they absorb the attention and flash – flash – flash. I try to get in as fast as possible and avoid the usual question from Paparazzi of who I am. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to say, “No, I am not a celeb, I am Writer and also PR” (or whatever I was hired in for) then run on the double into the venue I am at. Many Pap’s now recognize me, every once in awhile I hear a “Hey Sheri!.” Fortunately in Denver and other cities in Colorado, with this particular position I have never had to worry about that. This is not a celeb job. I am also an Activist.

With all the crazy activity going on around the world, I couldn’t wait to get home. Hurricanes in Tennessee? Oh yes, excuse me, this non tropical state was in a Tropical Storm. Say what? Naturally I imagined the worst and worried non-stop. Then more hurricanes and above me, Earthquakes and Volcanoes spewing out lava. The World seems to be dying. I believe Christ’s return for his Church is very near. Then there were the homeless in Denver. I have been there many times, since 1976. This time I noticed more people living on the streets than ever before. It was truly heartbreaking at times.

I can understand how people in Nashville, Tennessee get into this complicated situation. Many are Vocalists and Musicians and they run out of money and get stranded here. You will see them with guitar cases open, playing music, extremely talented though making a living from the coins and dollar bills sweet folks have tossed to them. But how does one become homeless in Colorado?

One day I had to ask. I talked to several people and was shocked by so many being there for a natural plant, God Given and grown. Either they or their children were sick. They needed either Marijuana or CBD Oil. They could not move back to were they originally came from because it is illegal wherever they once resided. I also spoke to Veterans, literally shaking, consumed with P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). How sad. I let them know millions of people are working very hard to legalize marijuana in every state so they could go back home. Do me a favor, if you see a homeless person, don’t turn your eyes away from them. Say a cheerful hello, drop some coins or paper into their cups, buy them a cold or hot drink and maybe a sandwich. Be Humane and stop pretending they are not there or are invisible. Pay it Forward.

Though it seemed I was gone for ages, eventually the days carried on and soon I was on flight back home. As we entered Tennessee I and others saw a rainbow. I shouted out, “We’re back over the rainbow ya’ll!” and “We’re nearly home!” And then I was. How WARM and COMFORTING to walk in the door and be showered with LOVE and ATTENTION from RICK and MAURY and MADDEN. Put a SMILE on your face LOVED ONES — MOMMA’s Home!

Je Temme Mon Chere’s, Muah! I missed you all. XoXoXo

. . . FIN . . .

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