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This world is not my home, I’m just passing through. Where are we? What is going on? Surely you feel it. I fear for you if your answer is no. Our world is laboring. Birth Pains. People have become more heinous and vile. Have you watched the news lately? Read a newspaper? How about a YouTube video?

Do you see the crazy mayhem? It is not safe to go anywhere. Horrible, deadly crimes are happening everywhere. Grocery Stores, Church, Gas Stations, School, everywhere including your own home. Drive bye shooters with bullets penetrating the structure, striking babies sleeping in their cribs.

This was foretold long ago. Matthew 24 – go ahead and read it if you are brave enough. Though it is in every corner of the Earth, this used to not happen, especially the frequency in the USA. Open your eyes folks, CHRIST is coming back for HIS CHURCH. Be prepared or endure seven years of Tribulation.

Think about what has materialized this year alone. The Vegas Shootings, The Antioch, Tennessee – Church of Christ shootings, The NYC Manhattan Bikeway where a Muslim in a Truck ran down people, departing from it shouting “Allah ‘Akbar” all the while holding up fake guns.

His flesh burns as I type this.

The shootings at Walmart in Colorado, The shootings at McDonalds in Ohio over an Egg McMuffin (they were sold out.) A terribly wicked person drew his gun. Are innocent peoples lives worth an Egg McMuffin? He thought so.

Then one of the most heartbreaking of all. The Texas Church Shootings leaving 26 Dead, and over 20 injured. Christians were worshipping the Lord while a demon shot them from his vehicle then headed inside to kill more. Ages of the Dead ranged from 2 years to 75 years.

It ended with a “license to carry” good (and barefoot) citizen who aimed his own weapon with precision. He teamed up with another heroic person in a mad dash of a car chase. At last the demonic slayer crashed his car but not before taking his own life with one of his guns.

Shooting himself was not a “get out of jail free” card – he burns in hell.

Hollywood and other Entertainment Industry people have been outed as Child Molesters, Couch Casters, Sexual Abusers and the victims showed extreme bravery in naming them. I hope none of them get shunned by their own family for naming the guilty. If you felt sarcasm with a twinge of anger there, you are correct, though that is also a signal, “The Love of many will grow Cold.” Some signs, like these are eerily Biblical. Rape and Incest go hand in hand. Believe it, they’re paired perfectly.

The Bible talks about the Sounding of the Trumpets. Look on YouTube should you be in the dark about all of this. Strange sounds are bellowing from the sky, no one can explain it. Some people are calling them booms but listen closely as all are different. The ones that came from Canada most recently actually sounded like an Orchestra “warming up.” These so called Booms that some are hearing as Musical are all over the world. Every continent.

There have been massive volcanic activity in Wyoming and now Bali. As said before, “Birth Pains.” The Earth is in Labor. Or as a favored Comic would say. “Here’s Your Sign.”

Let’s get deeper here. Are you able to handle it? The Rapture. One would be surprised at the individuals who have never heard of it. Rapture comes from the Latin word “Rapio.” The word means to be caught up, seized, rescued, or going from one area to another.

The word “Rapture” also comes from 1st Thessalonians 4:17 translated from English to Greek it means “Harpazo.” This word translates as being taken away and placed elsewhere. This prophecy is the very definition in 3 languages of what Christian Believers refer to as “The Rapture.” There you have it spelled out in English, Greek and Latin. Rapture, Rapio, Harpazo.

There are basically three types of Christians on this subject. Those who believe in the Rapture, those who presume that we will go through half of it (also called “Mid-Tribbers” and finally the third group of Christians who believe we will endure all seven years of the Tribulation before Christ’s return.

Raised as a Baptist, I am one of the Believers who declare that in a “twinkling of an eye” we will be pulled from this Earth as the Tribulation begins. There will be people taken after the Tribulation ends. 144,000 Spirits will be changed during this unholy and hazardous time. Those who are saved during this hellish seven years will transform, their souls will then go and be with the first round of Christians. Those who are left after the 144,000 are doomed for all eternity.

Many are concerned that if that scenario does not happen former Christians will stop believing as Jesus the Messiah and give up their Christianity. That is part of their argument. These would be the Mid Tribbers or those who believe all seven years must happen.

Regardless, if you are a true Christian you will wait for HIM just as you are now. The most serious issue with this essence of time are bringing as many people to Jesus Christ as possible before the Rapture takes place and shining light onto the Signs that Jesus told us of. Signals I have just written to you about. I do not want anyone to be left behind, but there will be. It has been written and so it shall happen. Do not be one of them. A seed has been planted. Now grow and spread The Word!

Not all Christians are convinced in the Rapture. Pentecostals for instance do not. I’ve heard them say the Rapture is a fairy tale, I worry about these people but I am not bashing them. If they are real Christians they will be swept away when GOD says so. Their theories mean nothing at this moment.

You do not have to conclude there is a Rapture to be caught up into the arms of Jesus. You must believe that GOD is the FATHER, the CREATOR, and that HE sent his only son JESUS CHRIST to Earth and share the Gospel. For those accepting HIM right now, as the clock ticks into another second, it is certain you will be saved if you count on my opinion and what the Bible reads. You must profess with every ounce of faith that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. It is really that simple.

Think of it this way, anyone with an hypothesis of additional years, will they truly be ready? The proposition of thinking there is additional time. You are taking a gamble there, a major one. You may not have 3 and a half or seven years. Times up. Too late.

I and millions of others expect it to happen instantly with no time lapse and when we least expect it. This is what I was taught and presume correct. I believe it with all my heart and soul and it is a joyful feeling.

But the others who waited too long, wanting just another taste of this evil world. Will they hear the trump (as in trumpet) sound (remember what I said about Orchestra or booms) while millions of their family and friends suddenly disappear from this world?

Scientific comprehenders will step in and insist that UFO’s have come and taken people away. That is a sad conclusion but expect it to happen. Consider all of this and please do not be left behind.

Cafe Britt

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