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☠☗ LOCK’S DOOR – Part IV – FINALE ☗☠

Part Four from “December’s Dark Door.” Final in series.
Should the big C “CANCER” or Female Medical trials bother,
or upset you – let it be said – you’re a whimp!
Go back to Dick and Jane books. Only adults (or adult likes) are here cupcake.

In February it was determined that I indeed had cancer. I never had the biopsy. It would have only given her 70% of the information she needed so I had the D&C – I would have had to anyway, why bother with a painfilled biopsy when you will just have to have a D&C in the end? More money for the MD’s and Hospitals? You got it. Not on me you’re not! I saved a painful step by going straight to a D&C where I was unconscious. The D&C showed that I had a swirl of cancer cells lurking about after the lab did their chopping up of their finds within me. And this is what she found. CANCER – GRADE 1 – STAGING 1B. That is all everyone knew after the D&C.

So hysterectomy it was. On February 27th I endured a Complete, Radical Hysterectomy, everything is gone. I had surgery by a new technique performed by a robot. My Oncologist was specially trained to operate this machinery. It was called FIREFLY ™. This technology is for robotic surgery using a dye that highlights the difference between cancerous tissue and healthy tissue, so the surgeon avoids removing healthy tissue and grabs all of the cancerous tissue with precision and accuracy. This also lowers risk of leaving cancer cells behind, leading to long-term cancer cure. Once removing everything attached, he delivered my uterus, vaginally. This has been a fun one to recover from. (ahem) NOT! If you have given birth vaginally, you know what I mean. I’m not going to lie, it was rough! To make matters worse, my uterus was so huge that I tore inside and had to have additional stitches (they dissolve on their own) – my, aren’t I the fortunate one?

It was not yet known how large the tumor was – just that I had Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. The most shocking came 10 days later, the tumor was 99% grown into my uterus. My uterus was the size of a woman pregnant at 20 weeks. I also had Lymph Node Removal Surgery. Thankfully, No cancer cells were found to be spread into my lymph nodes. Therefore, NO ADDITIONAL CANCER CELLS WERE FOUND. At this writing they said no cancer has been spread though I will be looked after the rest of my life. Yeah, damn it. Shit got real. And to top it all off? I turned fifty! Well happy birthday to me! (blink) And then the Oncologist said something that really shook Rick and I. Something neither of us were expecting at all after hearing, “You are cured!” and “We got it all!” and “Everything is going to be okay!” He said something that was a complete downer!

On my 10 day post op the Oncologist Doctor brought up that the next time I would be seeing the Oncology Radiation Doctor. “THE WHAT?” I shrieked. I said a FIRM NO and they kept after us, radiation, radiation, chemo, chemo… Hey I have two words for you people — MARIE CURIE! — She discovered radium and then she and husband died from radiation poisoning. NO THANK YOU! This is quality of life here and everyone I have ever spoken to on radiation has given a FIRM NO! -and- DON’T DO IT! -and- YOU WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER and NOT FOR THE GOOD! To make a very long story short, I refused both Radiation and Chemo Therapy. After all, it WAS concealed within my uterus. It did NOT spread. Just WHY would you want me to be burned with radiation? Hey, I don’t want a secondary cancer from your “treatment” and I damn sure do NOT want to be cooked. The answer is NO!

Recovery was and still is (2-4 more weeks to go) difficult but not impossible. It’s not just Physical – it is also Mental. It took me 2 weeks to say that the hysterectomy was actually – CANCER SURGERY. It took 3 weeks to say – I AM STERILE.

It’s not like I was using my uterus. There were no plans for future babies. But I mourned my uterus – MY womb – MY holy grail – MY vessel. That part was terribly hard for me. I felt like a useless female. There were several tear filled days. Had it not been for GOD, JESUS CHRIST, my HUSBAND, DAUGHTER, FRIENDS, PETS. I do not know what I would have done. It was a moment, many moments, filled with angst. I am okay now.

Rick and I are taking a major naturopathic route. I have never consumed so many spices, fruits and vegetables, juices, not to mention, vitamins, natural vitamins I should point out. I am even now more so of an organic shopper, I don’t care what it costs vs the other product. Organic or it isn’t in my cart!

Sheri Hooper
JOSHUA 1:9 – Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

THE LOVE of my LIFE – Rick Hooper – Married this coming April for 32 Years! – Here he is playing bass to Pearl Jams, ALIVE! – Yes Babe, I AM ALIVE! – Thank You for taking such GOOD CARE of me during this dark time in our lives. I LOVE YOU! Not to brag ya’ll but this wonderful Southern Gentleman is on his 7th run of reading the HOLY BIBLE, from Genesis to Revelations! He amazes me, I am so blessed!

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