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The Hooper’s & Jeff Dunham, Nashville, TN

Rick and I were married April 25th, 1986. This year we celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. You do not have to tell me, we are both very blessed. God had a plan long before we knew it. Thirty Two Years, THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST – Amen! – This year we decided to celebrate the accomplishment attending comic/puppeteer Jeff Dunham, at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The evening was marvelous!

Were you there with us? Well I do hope so! This was not just my wedding anniversary but also a VERY Special night to be attending Jeff Dunham’s show in Nashville, as this was recorded for a future DVD/Television/Video/Film! Are you a heavily laughing and smiling spirit? Then you may just be featured! Be looking for it’s release! Yes sugars, YOU were FILMED – We ALL Were! (dimpled grin) – This was also a night of new meetings, Jeff Dunham introduced for the first time his new character – Bob.

Once at Bridgestone Arena, we were at the head of the line. Rick and I have played this game before, this was not our first rodeo that is for sure! We have appreciated the talents of Jeff Duhham for a great while, though we were actually told of him long before we watched his first television special, approximately a decade ago, maybe a wee bit longer. My Best Female Friend of 36+ Years, Lisa Marie, (No, NOT Presley) -aka- “LISABUG” had been making reference to a “purple colored puppet” and it’s operator for years. I am talking the early 90’s here. We never understood who she was talking about until about ten years later or so. He was an instant hit in our house. What I did not know in the beginning, was that this comic genious was none other than, Jeff Dunham. Jeff-fafa-Dun-Ham-DOT-com!

Over the years Jeff kept producing new themes of his “voices” and hand held “friends.” He was soon a very popular act with nearly everyone. His puppets seem eerily REAL, seriously, who does not think of Peanut, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter, Bubba J, Jose Jalepeno – on a Stick (pronounced “steek”) and all the rest as not real? Jeff is on his game. He is the most talented Ventriloquist – EVER! – His talents keep growing. His “staff” increasing. He is a very busy and a wealthy man. Hysterical, and deserving of all his earnings. Jeff Dunham is the embodiment of Entertainment!

Rick and I hurried in, he was sporting a blue tie dye t-shirt and I a pink and burgundy tie dye. Once in through security we found a place for souvenirs buying a T-shirt, Bobble Head Peanut and Animated Speaking Doll Achmed.

Achmed is approximately 2 feet high, he can speak and I think he is just the most adorbs and totally cherished dolls of mine. – SILENCE, INFADELS, I KEEL YOU, THIS BEECH LOVES ME! – (hehehe)- Well, that is what ACHMED would say. He knows I am mad crazy about him! Without a doubt, Achmed is my personal favorite. Dude cracks me up! Jeff Dunham, you are a nut and I mean that in a VERY GOOD WAY – what a TALENT!

The night was filled with magic, laughter, WILD ASS TENNESSEANS hootin’ and a hollerin’! – HECK YEAH! – We were a LIVELY BUNCH! – I met some brilliant folks that night, including the two chicks sitting next to us. I was trippin’ on groovin’ with someone born in 1992 ( WHEN I WAS A GRUNGE LISTENING NIRVANA FREAK ) ok, so I am still a Nirvana freak, but whatever . . . And another born in 1993 and had a baby? OH MERCY ME! – YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING! – Yup, the babies of 1992 and 1993 have grown up on me too! – They were fabulous though. I had a rockin’ time with them both, KAYLEIGH and SAMANTHA. Kayleigh was bubbly and bright and additional entertainment – I adored her! – Samantha was a very serious chick, probably sporting a mega IQ ( I BETCHA! – WE KNOW OUR OWN! ) Samantha is a new mommy and had a darling baby girl. She showed me her photograph, oh so precious, a living doll! When the evening ended Kayleigh took selfies with all of us gathered. She was so much fun! They both added to the celebratory night!

What really blew my mind is although they both accepted personal gum from my purse (GOD BLESS THEIR HEARTS! – I LOVE IT WHEN FOLKS ACCEPT ME AS another “MOMMA”) but they never took advantage, though I offered. “Samantha, Kayleigh, I am going to the snack bar for drinks and whatever you want, it’s on my dime, what do you want?” My goodness, I went at least four times, each time they said no and added a Thank You! These chicks really have CLASS! They could have reamed me up a grand bill, and that would have been fine, bless em, though they did not. But they took my gum directly from my purse, no problem, and politely said a thanks!

I would have adopted both of them if I could have. When the show was over they grabbed me at my seat! – WOAH, WHAT’S THIS ABOUT? – they had seen my Fan Page and websites, long before the show started while looking at my phone as well as their own. Quite unexpectedly they held onto their new “Momma” with me right in the middle at my seat, Kayleigh said, “You’re too famous, we want a selfie with you while we can!” – BAH! TOO FUNNY! – and took a selfie of us all. Me and my new youngins, can ya dig it? They brought energy that was contagious! I accused them of being angels and asked where they hid their wings. They laughed but never denied it! Hmmm . . . maybe they were? Was I entertaining angels unaware? Yes, quite possibly. That is always a possibility!

April 25th, 2018 was a Heavenly Night!

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