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CBD Oil Miracle

CBD Oil Miracle



I am N.O.R.M.L – are you? This year the cries and shouts of the American Citizens were finally heard. Our voices and activism legalized not only marijuana (real name, Cannabis Sativa) in dozens of states but also the precious drops of CBD Oil, a product of this natural, healing plant. Created by GOD as stated in The Holy Bible, (GENESIS) that settled it for many though much more was to come. When data came pouring in of other findings, lives saved, children to adulthood, animals (pets), cannabis was decriminalized either Medically or Recreational in numerous places.

Though the finest states have the greatest supportive laws regarding “weed” legalization, not all states are filled with compassionate Medical or Recreational use. The Fight and Movement, continue to battle on forward. CBD Oil however was made legal with availability in every state this year. No one has been left out. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, why yes, I believe I SEE that now. Thank You President Donald J. Trump, GOD Bless You Sir, a true Patriot is now our Leader!

CBD Oil is bringing Quality of Life to many fighting Cancer, Epilepsy, Autism, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Lupus, Arthritis, AIDS, MS, Diabetes, Neurological Disorders, pain and many other medical problems with a broad spectrum of medical research that is undeniable. It is also non-addictive and despite the bogus propaganda since the 1930’s, it does NOT lead to “stronger” substances. No one has ever died from cannabis.

When the Pilgrims landed it was Law to Grow your own Marijuana. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln not only grew hemp and cannabis – they also smoked it! – Fact! – Try picturing Presidents Washington and Lincoln puffin’ on the cheeba. That is a belly buster, oh to be a fly upon the wall. It has also been reported that along with others at the time, Abraham Lincoln used Hemp Oil for burning his lanterns. A fuel source? YES! And that my friends upsets the gasoline and fuel companies. No pun but it burns them up!

From Steven Spielberg (Film: Lincoln – made in 2012, starring Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, and other legendary actors) I was educated with a priceless quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica” — Abraham Lincoln. — Right on Steven, spread the Truth!

Time’s have changed since Lincoln. Our economy is in the toilet right now. I would like to see cannabis completely decriminalized, legal and readily sold at any store. I am thinking billions of American Tax Dollars in Revenue and not “homegrown”. Building new Schools, Churches, Hospitals. Feeding and Clothing more Americans. Getting Veterans off the streets. Put an end to Opiate Addiction and Alcoholism. Bring forth new jobs for Americans. Legal Growers. Farmers. Large land owners. Everyone would benefit. It is a cure all, both Medically and Financially speaking. The National deficit would be wiped out quickly. Until the United States vote in the right people to clear the way to all fifty states, we appear as behind or backwards to other countries. I have been all over Canada. Trust me on this. Though things are at last rolling (ha ha, again no pun) we are often laughed at.

USA CBD and recreational marijuana have taken over. This is a disappointing loss for Big Pharma as Cannabidiol has stolen the show. Score! Nothing but net for Cannabis Sativa!

Marijuana is not only harmless but helpful, Amen! GOD’s own NATURAL medicine. The CREATOR of the EARTH – The ALPHA and OMEGA – The BEGINNING and END. It treats and cures many ailments. Cancer cells stop forming, tumors shrink and die off as the Cannabis does it’s intended job, the microscopes do not lie. Folks ravaged with Seizure Disorders find FREEDOM with CBD as their seizure’s and convulsions simply . . stop. People trapped in Autism, unable to communicate suddenly start speaking.

Pharmacies should jump on board and distribute. Stop addicting American Souls with dangerous chemicals that will kill them! Put an end to making “synthetic” garbage trying to mimic a plant (poorly) and then charge thousands of dollars for your pharmaceutical poisons. Enough already, get on board the TRAIN!

CBD comes from Cannabis Oil that is rich in Cannabidiol. Despite what sounds like a Cheech and Chong experiment is anything but. You do not get “high” or “stoned”. You will not fail a whiz quiz. There is no THC (though states allow up to 0.3% THC) and it is legal. What is THC? Also known as TetraHydroCannibinol, it is the psychoactive part of “grass” that gives you the MEGA RELAXTION and “weed high” that so many are already in the know of. CBD, though made from the plant has no THC or if it does, only trace amounts.

CBD is completely different. It is created from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the plant. The best CBD Oil is made from the “whole plant”.

I have heard horror stories of fake CBD Oil websites. They take your money, demand you mail them cash and you will never hear from them again. It will appear on their website(s) that they accept credit card payments until the final check out when they slam a “we no longer accept credit cards you must send cash” lie. When you do not get what you ordered they will claim it must have been lost in the mail. They will blame the USPS post office, UPS, Fed-Ex, name it. They are con artists. Do not, can you hear me? – DO NOT fall for that scam!

How much CBD should you be taking? That depends upon many factors but first off, you cannot overdose. If you are fighting cancer in general you will need one full dropper of the CBD Oil or 20 Drops per every 100 lbs on your body at least 3 times a day. A full dropper is 60 MG = 1 Cancer Treatment for someone approximately 100 pounds. 2 Full Droppers for someone 200 pounds. 3 Full Droppers for someone 300 pounds, and so on. If you weigh less than 100 lbs you will have to do the math and observe how the patient reacts to the natural treatment. Be consistent with the timing.

How to administer? Drop under tongue, place tongue down and close mouth and teeth together. It is very important to wait a FULL 60-90 SECONDS BEFORE SWALLOWING. This is called a Sublingual Application. It allows the Cannabidiol to fully absorb immediately into your blood stream via Mucus Membrane, Blood Vessels and tiny capillaries that soak it all in. This technique bypasses the digestive system and liver. You will be getting the full dose, delivered quickly. Once time has passed, simply swallow the remaining oil. You will require 60 milligrams to kill cancer, per each 100 lbs, but if you have chemotherapy you must up that to 180 milligrams.

Once cancer is gone and you are termed “Cancer Free” you will need forever maintenance because cancers can and often do come back, especially if you chose Chemo or Radiation at any period in your life. When you are at last on full recovery you will need 2 milligrams per day until GOD calls you home. Yes readers, it really is that simple.

May you be on your way to good health soon. I strongly encourage everyone to view the below video, used with permission by, Mr. Rick Simpson. I especially hope those who’s lives are literally on the line watch. Believe me, I completely understand your fear. Cancer is traumatizing. But there is CBD now. We all have a chance to fight. Here’s to everyone kicking cancers ass — Happy Healing!


The LORD Bless You and KEEP You.
The LORD lift HIS Countenance upon you.
The LORD be Gracious unto you.
The LORD Lift HIS face to SHINE upon you, and give you PEACE.

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Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story – Free for Distibution
Copy and Distribute to those you love who are struggling to survive.
Their Lives may be depending on it.

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