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Beth Harwell for Governor

Beth Harwell is a lady of her word. Much like President Donald J. Trump, she keeps her promises. Beth has proven this over the years with fierce dedication. She currently serves as Speaker of the House in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She has held state elected positions since 1988 and was the first female Speaker, ever – in Tennessee and all of the South Eastern states. Quite an accomplishment. Beth Harwell is now running for Governor of Tennessee. A woman for making new records, should Beth win the election she will officially be the first female Governor of Tennessee. Impressive!

Of the 4 Republicans running, Beth is the only candidate who supports Medical Cannabis. Diane Black, Randy Boyd and Bill Lee are all living in the dark ages and shun cannabis. Not surprisingly, considering Black’s desire to imprison Tennesseans for a GOD Given Plant. Diane is led by greed with Big Pharma and Private Prisons. Black and her husband are very wealthy, unfortunately from the misery of others. Her husband owns a company that creates urine tests for cannabis which take people’s jobs away or prevents them from being gainfully employed. She is also involved with Private Prison-for-Profit institutions which have heavily lined her pockets. Diane Black is a person consumed with greed. Beth Harwell is not.

Diane Black is not alone. Randy Boyd and Bill Lee are also with her on the imprisoning of thousands of Tennessee people. None of these 3 agree with legalizing Cannabis – for any reason. Black, Boyd and Lee all want to keep Tennessee a “Police State.” Diane Black and her husband are in deep with Big Pharma! Diane promotes synthetic big pharma garbage, namely: Marinol. Sick individuals have reported this chemically fake “man made” substance does not work. No arguments that real cannabis is the true medical hero, not a nasty lab experiment which does more harm than good.

Clearly, the only non-dangerous Republican candidate is Beth Harwell. Beth is down-to-earth, a good soul and filled with compassion. Formerly a Teacher, she is an intelligent, wonderful leader and precisely what Tennessee needs.

Yesterday Beth sent out a statement in regards to President Trump’s, “TRUMP ACT” that will allow states to decide if Cannabis will become legal. Rather an embarrassment to the citizens of Tennessee with 31 other States including D.C. already making cannabis legal, Tennessee is way behind. If elected, Beth will change that immediately. She stated that if she is Governor of Tennessee she will sign this as soon as it appears on her desk. No worries, Beth always keeps her promises. Believe it, she gets results! With Beth Harwell, Tennessee people will be given HOPE.

Beth Harwell has many important qualities that I seek out in a candidate. She is Pro-Life, Pro-Education, Pro-Medical Marijuana, Defender of our 2nd Amendment (Right to Bear Arms), against TN being a “Nanny State”, continues to fight the Opioid Crisis (Beth Harwell believes in Rehab rather than Prison), stopping Illegal Immigration by refusing “Sanctuary Cities”, Cutting Taxes and helping businesses and our economy grow.

Beth has lead an interesting journey. She was only 16 years old when she attended David Lipscomb University (Bachelors Degree), continuing on to George Peabody College (Masters Degree) and then Vanderbilt University for her Ph.D. She also taught Political Science at Belmont College and has been married for 25 years. Beth was blessed with 3 children, loves reading, and outdoor activities. She is the perfect Tennessee example and I am PROUD to promote her and have a “Beth Harwell for Governor” sign in my front yard.

Visit Beth’s website at: bethharwell.com and be sure to VOTE for her in the upcoming Tennessee Election as the next Governor of the State of Tennessee!

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