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I’m Still Breathing


Sheri Hooper, July 2018

I reflect back 5 months and 3 days ago when I was admitted into the hospital facing a complete, radical hysterectomy for Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. I am fortunate for the “much prayed for” doctor who’s path crossed with mine, in a most peculiar way. My cancer was advanced, 90% grown through my uterus, a massive tumor, approximately the size of a 22 week pregnancy. This was an “evil baby” I did not want and it was hell bent on destruction. ( beep-beep-beep ) – ABORT MISSION! – They took everything.

My regular GYN was not able to do the hysterectomy. This cancer issue was too much for her. I honestly could not believe my ears. Not only did I have cancer but my Gynecologist could not do the job and I needed a specialist beyond her capabilities. Yes, it happens, especially to those who deny cancer signals for a year and half. The brilliant Oncologist who was introduced to me (miraculously) has additional training, above and beyond what is required for an OB/GYN/ONCOLOGIST. He has more schooling than the rest with the new Firefly surgical technique. He’s a very skilled, educated, OVER the top in his field, GYN/ONCOLOGIST M.D. in Nashville, Tennessee. I know, without a doubt, that GOD lead me to him. I am a very blessed woman. I have found favor. GOD loves me. Amen!

At this moment, five months and some change in, as far as they can tell, I am cancer free. I chose to not accept Radiation or Chemotherapy. Everyone was baffled except for my husband Rick. We had talked this out decades ago. Neither of us are in favor of a “cure” that tortures then kills you – slowly. Specifically a secondary cancer growing elsewhere, aggressively from the initial treatments of radiation or chemotherapy. Happens every day by the thousands. Many are not aware.

The “Great Awakening”, you betcha, I am wide eyed and bushy tailed with crystal clear clarity. All present and accounted for. ( SALUTE! ) – WWG1WGA

Radiation, discovered by Marie Curie and husband, both died of exposure to the substance. Tragic. Chemotherapy. Ever heard of Mustard Gas? That is how it was created and it is not at all a helpful batch of poisons. It kills more than it cures. Seeing my Specialist M.D.’s Nurse Practitioner tear-up over my declaration told me just how serious this medical drama is. (ahem) Was. No one in that office quite “got” me. Not at all. Apparently I am the first woman to have the audacity to turn their Radiation/Chemo M.D. down.

I did not swallow the Red or the Blue pill. I am Sheri Hooper, and I took both the Red and the Blue pill and that equals The Purple Pill. I am rare and unique.


The radiation M.D. is not my Oncologist but someone who works with him in the same office. They are a team. I chose to not see his associate partner. Nothing personal dude, but no. They may not “get” me but I believe I have earned their respect. I am bold and forthright. I do not see that ever changing.

What? No radiation? No chemo? Am I insane? A high fat, low carb diet, flowering “hippie” plants and oils with faith healing? Have I totally went off the rails on a crazy Trump Train? Now that is besides the point my children, (giggling) fact is, I show no signs of the cancer returning. No inflammation. No signals of it spreading into lymph nodes. Can’t you see? I am doing something right and it does not steal my mane.

Speaking of, with superior nutrition on Keto my hair has gotten thicker, softer, and I have finally earned some silver stripes! Believe me when I say “I EARNED THEM!” Had a friend tell me once she earned “every one of her grey hairs” – I get that now. Stress. If you want some silver stripes, walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Before long, you will see them. I was beginning to believe that they were never going to come. I call these my highlights. I am not at all upset by them. If I get vain I will simply buy a package of Kool-Aid, that would be a simple switch back to my original, bright natural auburn/red. I do not place toxic “boxed” dye chemicals onto my head. Those who scoff, know that you are increasing your risk of bladder cancer by 80% if dyeing your hair. Don’t just drink the Kool-Aid, use it as a hair dye, it’s healthier in comparison.

I have taken another new experience on and I find it a hoot! Folks that do not know me are saying my blonde hair is so attractive. – UH WHAT? – BLONDE? – I am a red head! Ah, the new me with the earned silver stripes has caused maturity of my hair and people are viewing it as blonde. Well, I never saw that coming but I do see that my locks are not as red as before. Not even close. What a trip! Honest, it doesn’t bother me. This change into a Silver Fox is really quite amusing.

I have become “fat adapted” meaning that I am in Ketosis, living a Ketogenic Lifestyle quite successfully. I am surviving cancer with the Firefly hysterectomy and a Ketogenic Diet, CBD / Cannabis and FAITHFULLY praying to our Creator and Messiah, GOD and his son, Jesus Christ. No radiation or chemotherapy for me. It was not even an option. I refused to consider.

While in the waiting room with Rick and my long trademark tresses, I felt painfully uncomfortable as the room filled to capacity with over 20+ women who sadly had no hair or very little left. They were all in stages of loss or recovery with their hair. It was horrifying. “That could have been me” I thought. I wanted to stand in the middle of the room and preach to them about Ketogenics and CBD oil.

I am known for being a “whistle blower” because hiding lies is not healthy. Keeping “secrets” will weigh upon your mind and put you into a serious depression. No matter the outcome, bust them! I find that speaking and shouting out the TRUTH” is most helpful regardless the situation. I am somewhat surprised that I did not start my “Keto Sermon” right then in the Oncologists office. GLORY!

I was startled (as were other patients) when suddenly another lady came bolting into the waiting room from another used for examining. She was hysterical and looking for her friend that came with her. She had just been told she had cancer and was angry and screaming, “They want to do surgery on me now!” She let the entire room know. Poor soul, she was so upset.

I was typical with my cancer too. First denial. Then anger. Not that it helped any, mind you. Out of all of these very sick women, I was the only one with rosy cheeks and lush hair. By looking at them it was obvious that they were all still very ill, perhaps sicker now than before. You could not see that in me, I appear healthy. I chose a different approach to my healing. They either did not know there are other alternatives to treating cancer or it was hidden from them. Truth is, if you do not research things for yourself, it won’t often be handed to you without asking.

Thus far, praise GOD, I am considered healed. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face from my Oncologist, Nurse Practitioner, and the 2 techs. Priceless! – and I pray it stays that way – you see, for a “clean bill of health” I must keep having them make those astonished faces. I also go and see them, every few months for the next five years.

It’s not enough with the risky surgery and agonizing recovery, the instant menopause, nightmares of the cancer returning, etc… it is a new way of living, eating, thinking. Though seeing the GYN Oncologist every few months, is just what a chick wants to hear – a pelvic exam periodically, with every visit, five years to come. Lovely. (sarcasm) Not my favorite activity.

It is not all doom, gloom, speculums and stirrups. There have been many positive changes in myself, my whole outlook is different. Though losing 40+ pounds of weight (effortlessly) and literally swimming in all of my brand new purchased wardrobe items from Spring/Summer, there are a few bumps in the road. For instance my extra large walk in closet (all mine) is full of never wore business clothing and (head hanging in despair) that will not come to pass because they are too big for me now. I look at that as a badge of circumstances.

Being Ketogenic has helped me more than Veganism ever did. I have learned how to cook, especially with the help of a favorite YouTube couple, Matt Gaedke and Megha Barot, with Keto Connect. Of all the “keto cousine” folks they were the only one’s that I could follow and easily understand. Their cookbook “Keto Made Easy” is the first I am reading cover-to-cover.

Over the years I have purchased hundreds of cookbook’s. Keep in mind that I am a 50 year old woman and have been married for 32 years. That is a lot of cookbook collecting. Keto Made Easy I am actually reading, actively using and not storing it away somewhere, never to be seen again. Where do those phantom cookbooks 1986+ go? It’s a mystery!

With Matt and Megha you will have guides. As far as cooking, and embracing Keto, this duo were my LIFEGUARDS. They can lead you to other Keto People. For instance: #KETOfam on nearly every social media outlet of your choice. Give it a whirl and make some new Keto Friends.

Matt and Megha are very individual. This makes them more likable. Megha has a fierce personality. Matt is like the “Good Cop” while Megha is more aggressive of the two. This is not a bad thing. Whenever I feel like throwing in the “Towel of Ketosis”, I picture Megha and she is looking me directly in the eyes, saying: “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?”

I wish to LIVE and SURVIVE Megha and I want it more than anything. I am still breathing and I’m Alive!

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