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Halloween Safety


Costuming is something I market 365 days a year. From Pageant contestants to Modeling Events I continue to bring attention on the greatest values offered. Children, Teens to Adults with Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Biblical, Memorial Day, Red/White/Blue, July 4th/Independence Day and many other genres. The Halloween category in particular needs not only the best in quality costumes but also some common sense safety measures for a secure night of Trick or Treating.


1. Wear comfortable, easy to see from, well fitting, fireproof/retardant costumes.

2. It is best to Trick or Treat in a Shopping Mall, Church Community or HOA Efforts rather than a neighborhood of people you do not know. The rule of thumb is unless you know the people inside the home – avoid.

3. Never approach an unknown home especially if it is not lit up with outside lighting.

4. Do not consume anything from the candy or treats bag. Once returning to your home inspect everything no matter who received from.

5. NEVER ENTER SOMEONE’S HOME, VEHICLE or “Into the Woods” to supposedly “see” something.

6. Be very careful if walking the streets. Stay on sidewalk or yard-to-yard if possible.

7. NEVER Trick or Treat alone. I see this year after year, it is disturbing. No matter the age, never go alone. Parents and Guardians, wake up here!

8. DO NOT consume Treats that are “Home Made” unless you know the person(s) very well.

9. Adults and Teens out driving on this evening. Drive responsibly, NO speeding, NO alcohol or have someone in charge who is not drinking. Be on the constant look out for others. Remember how excited small children are and could very well dart right into the streets. Be aware for them. Thank You!

10. Have a GOOD Flashlight and illuminated stickers or stripes. Everyone in your “group” should be carrying a light and covered strategically head to toe.


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