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Regretfully, I must decline . . .


I am not alone. Others are also receiving emails and direct messages nearly every day on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media’s. Who are these people? New and older cannabis companies (some legal, others VERY questionable.) They approach with an emailed or tweeted letter. Buy weed from them (high THC) from total strangers, why not? (blink) They cheer on about their products – “I will get it to you safe, no one will know, I have this special mylar triple wrap.” They will go on forever with scads of useless information, loads of paragraphs, hysterical names of products, and prices. That alone is pretty funny to read but…


I always respond back nicely, (copied and pasted because of their frequency:) “Regretfully, I must decline. Cannabis is not legal in Tennessee. Thank you for the offer. Blessed Wishes with your business, Sheri Hooper.

One would think that would stop the person. It does not, most will go on. I am a kind lady but can only take so much of saying NO in a nice way. As an Activist of Legal Recreational Cannabis or in the very least Medical (not Big Pharma / overpriced Garbage) I try to be warm to these cannabis folks. I do not know the details of all of these legal? businesses. Criminals are scouring the internet seeking imbeciles who will fall for it. These people are wanting your cash. Lame!

Do these folks approach their own states or only the illegal ones? See where I am going with this? Some seem legit for their states, and periodically I will add a select few but not many. If they behave they may follow me, but I may not be following them – nothing personal. I have blocked thousands. I am not being a bitch, I am protecting others who are following me.

Folks are wiser. The racist insanity of Harry Anslinger has been tossed to the curb. The majority of states have either Legal Recreational Cannabis or Medical. There are ways around the cruel states we have. No need to be a Marijuana Refugee any longer in so many places, move. If the United States Government would LEGALIZE CANNABIS – LEGALIZE LIFE – A FLOWER – A PLANT there would be no more AMERICAN refugees, the majority of whom were born in the USA. A truly sad amount of these souls are Military Veterans. The Refugees (most often) are not wealthy people. Not everyone can just pack up and split to another state. Cannabis should be legal in all of the United States. I am happy to say that most Americans agree with me and the Airlines are really backing this! They want it legal – period.

Should high THC cannabis become legalized in the state of Tennessee (being fought faithfully, right now, HARD by some very HIP folks: Rep. Jeremy Faison, Sen. Steve Dickerson, Rep./Dr. Bryan Terry and Rep. Steve Cohen. If they have their way you will be able to buy in the state of TN. These men are bending over backwards, burning the midnight oil, doing what they can to help their fellow Tennesseans. I pray you have such people in your state Government.

Let’s go back to those internet businesses. When it is legal, are you really going to go to a unknown person over the internet or a dispensary in your own state? Legal Cannabis is taxed so, do the right thing and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ECONOMY! The majority of these “sellers” online are frauds, I have heard the stories, avoid. Not all hope is lost, there are things you can do today.

Fight for Legalization. Join NORML. Speak Out. Avoid online weed and CBD Oil businesses unless it is in your state and you’ve met them already and see licenses on the wall. These are real bud businesses and many states have them. You need a medical card in most states at this writing, I do believe that will eventually end and showing your drivers license proving over 21 will suffice. The fortunate folks who live in a totally recreational state, cannabis is treated much like alcohol as far as buying. Other rules on Medical Cannabis in these states, including children. Do not shake your head, cannabis is saving the lives of children who have not even taken their first step. Have compassion. I wish humans would have more empathy for the ill and give up ignorant and racist thinking from the 1930’s.

Yeah folks, it is that simple to be a FREE American.

Canadians and so many others have this luxury of living, loving, and better health. It is not like this in the United States (yet) 100% – but it can be – Resist, be in the KNOW and just say NO!

The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement.

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2 thoughts on “Regretfully, I must decline . . .
  • PSgamer66 says:

    I have many followers on Twitter that all claim that they can make “legitimate” sales of cannabis over the Internet. In the current climate of today, paranoia over with whom you are really dealing with is fed by fear of a government agency that runs rampant and has no oversight.
    Much like you, I am grateful for the few lawmakers that are rational and show actual compassion for the citizens of Tennessee. I can only hope they are successful in their endeavors.

    • Sheri Hooper says:

      Thank You PSgamer66 — LOVE to see your replies! — THANK YOU! — Not surprised you too have been approached online. I do not know anyone who has not who are on Social Media. Others who do not engage in Social Media still get the emails and they have no idea where someone got hold of it. Emails are sold (NEVER HERE!) but I know they are. I will guess that is where those email addresses are found. I have even seen emails for pills. Namely – OPIATES! – SMDH – Shocking world we are all residing in. THANK YOU AGAIN PSgamer66!

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