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❥ Hemp Hearted Heroes ❥

Sheri Hooper sporting my “Josie’s Journey” T-Shirt. Alive, Cancer Free, Full of Life, 365 Days after Cancer Surgery. Cannabis SAVES Lives, Get Groovy with this Baby – It’s a FACT!

One year ago, precisely at this moment I was recovering from a Radical Hysterectomy. Cancer had grown 90% through my uterus. A “D.E.S BABY”, in utero, (Diethylstilbestrol is a TOXIC synthetic estrogen), these were the cards I were dealt before I even took my first breath. I am playing them.

I must go five years with clear “no cancer” screenings to be termed 100% cured. I have passed hurdle one, four more I face. With GOD, my Husband and those who LOVE me we walk these years out and wait. I am making every day count. I do hope you have been joining me.

I’ve been rewarded. My Oncologists visits have now been spread out to longer intervals, a “gift” for continually being cancer free. Now around 4 months apart. I love the look on their faces with each positive visit. They know, medically speaking, I should not be here, healthy and full of cheer. I chose surgery only along with CBD Oil (Cannabis) and a Ketogenic Diet. I refused Radiation and Chemotherapy. That alone blew their minds.

Year one down and all visits are great. Again, I LOVE the look on their faces. My medical professionals are baffled by the non traditional patient they have on their hands. Regardless, they are quite happy for me and the success I am being blessed with. — AMEN!

This February update is not all about me however. I send praises of thanks to Tennessee Hemp Supply with owners Trinity, Brandon and Kristen. I will not buy CBD from any other soul. They have done wonderfully with THS and have expanded out to Germany. They are helping my body heal and preventing the cancer to regenerate. I cannot praise this trio of folks enough.

So much to share, we have some Super Fighters among-st us! They are going to the Capital and being seen on television often. We have an audience. These folks are among the other Hemp Heroes and getting it done!

State Representative Jeremy Faison, Senator Steve Dickerson, State Represenative Dr. Bryan Terry are all Tennessee Hemp Heroes. While there are many of such heroes, these three are extra special. They go beyond what is expected. TN, you’ve no idea how genuine these gentlemen are. They are fierce in fighting for us in making a flower GOD created legal. I respect them. They are souls who get to know their fellow Tennessee folks. They are not only respected Politicians, they are friends! I have even bonded with Jeremy’s wife, Miriam Faison. A sweetheart. They are the perfect match for each other. She is just as kind as he is. My husband Rick and I adore them both.

Jeremy and Miriam are both on my Facebook, and we speak regularly. A few days ago their son Reagan Faison began friendship on Facebook with me as well. I suppose I am “Collecting” the entire family. Nothing wrong with that, they are the right people to follow. Most importantly, they are the Perfect Christian Example. When Representative Faison links my name to something that he has posted I practically do back-flips across the room. Okay, now these are virtual back-flips, use your imagination.

The Faison’s are wonderful people, great Tennessean’s, warm and friendly. Jeremy impressed me further showing his musical abilities. He can play both acoustic guitar and sings, great vocals! Jeremy follows Rick on Twitter, responds to things we say, as does Senator Steve Dickerson. Steve is another brilliant Leader in Tn. Jeremy and Steve publicly acknowledge our presence, communicate freely with us both. And then there is Representative Dr. Bryan Terry. God Bless Him, he sent us a Christmas Card that we will forever treasure. It has been framed, it will be brought out at Christmas as part of our family tradition – forever.

Through Jeremy and Miriam I was introduced to Josie of Website Josie’s Journey. CBD Oil does not control Josie’s seizures, she needs THC Oil that has been proven miraculous for her. She and her momma Stacie have been forced to be Cannabis Refugee’s. TN does not have any protection for our citizens in need medically need for cannabis. Not yet anyway.

What are parents to do? Simply let her waste away? NO! They love their little girl. Sadly, Josie and her parents must flee to legal states to treat their child. It angers me greatly that Tennessee does
not care enough to allow Cannabis with any amount of THC as a legal and humane medicine that only GOD could create. No Big Pharma, synthetic, $32,000+ a year. What a crock!

Big Pharma is not needed here. Only seeds, growers and dispensaries. Big Pharma, you are not welcome to play in this sandbox. GOD has got this and you cannot compete. Go back to what you know and leave cannabis to the people. Other countries have passed freedom laws and America continues to be shamed by other countries who have went totally recreational legal. Even Mexico is legal.

People of the United States of America, shout out for FREEDOM of CANNABIS without any bogus links to pharmaceutical companies. There are 50 States here, may all go legal and GOD Bless the ill and or healing.


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4 thoughts on “❥ Hemp Hearted Heroes ❥
  • Ronbo 1948 says:

    I wish there were more people with the same thoughts. It is hard to believe that in 2019 there are states that prosecute anyone over cannabis. Seeing that the government runs after sick people for choosing natural medicine makes me wonder why? I believe it is because of pharmacy companies and the US doesn’t give a damn. Most of the world says to make pot legal. I read on your Facebook about that child Josie and seizures and how marijuana makes her well. More people should stand up to the US Govt. If that was my kid I would! If people would start pushing back we could live in a free world. The current USA is not a free country. As long as cannabis is illegal we are a racist, criminalized country of sad imprisoned people.

    • Sheri Hooper says:

      THANK YOU RONBO! Only 33 States are Recreational or Medical. Some of the Medical’s are a joke. Folks having a hard time getting approved, no dispensaries, ridiculous! Then there are the states that have NOTHING (Tennessee being one of them, duh at not having Recreational in a TOURISM and MUSIC state) dumb move there TN! Legalize and Decriminalize this healing plant! #All50States and Territories!

  • PSgamer66 says:

    A great article about some great people and an issue that needs to be resolved in America, too many lives depend on it!

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