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Wall of Warriors

My name and statement are proudly displayed at the top of the “Wall of Warriors” at a former CBD business. Who put it there? I did, but of course! I am over the moon to have been offered the opportunity to leave my signature. I left a colorful 2-word sentence – “FUCK CANCER!” – along with my trademark music notes. No initials from me, first and last name, you know how I roll. (wink) Rick and I drove up to grab more CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil and share the good news with them from my latest Oncologists’ visit. HALLELUJAH, I AM STILL CANCER FREE!

The doctor’s appointment went well. The “cuff” they made is still healthy. This was created in place of a cervix and all is wonderful. My tissues are healthy as are my lymph nodes. The girl who refused Chemotherapy and Radiation is doing just fine. The Cancer Specialist and his Staff are all baffled with the healthy woman they have before them. To quote, “This is the healthiest we have ever seen you Sheri!” That was a splendid moment as was stepping on the scale and seeing my total weight loss.

After 12 months on the Ketogenic Diet, I have lost an astonishing 132 pounds. In a year I have lost an entire person. Call it what you want, that is how I see it. A year in Keto has brought about effortless weight loss. It was an unexpected surprise and I am delighted to share with you. I think of the decades I messed with Vegetarianism and Veganism, what a waste of time, effort and struggle. Consuming all of that soy only fed cancer silently growing inside me. Going Keto was the only way for me.

My husband Rick has also dropped pounds, we made major lifestyle changes. I have learned to cook and my skills increase every month. I eagerly read or view anything relating to cooking ketogenic and prepare soon after. I never thought this was possible but I am a great cook. Who would have thought? I am able to handle raw meat without going into a panic attack. Who was that other woman all those years ago? Ah, I destroyed her, she is gone, bru-ha-ha!

Heartfelt thanks to those who have kept me in their prayers, I LOVE YOU! I must go five years to be termed, “cured.” Sixteen months down, many more to go, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. “When two or more are gathered in HIS name, there HE will be also.”

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