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The WEED President


Bernie Sanders, The Weed President

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I will cut to the chase right away. Bernie Sanders is who I am encouraging everyone to vote for. I’ve had a collection of Questions from curious readers on exactly why I am supporting him specifically. There are many reasons and I will cover the most basic of my importance. I do not support everything that he does, still, he is my number one choice. Covering this introduction I would like to again express that I will, “Vote Blue No Matter Who” except Joe Biden and any other negative nancy on Cannabis. To quote Biden, appearing on Good Morning America, (Vice President) Joe Biden condemned cannabis saying, “I still believe it’s a gateway drug. I’ve spent a lot of my life as chairman of the Judiciary Committee dealing with this. I think it would be a mistake to legalize.” Yes, he said this. And he has continued to say so until very recently. Put it together, I know you are intelligent enough.

I do not care that Biden has at last (conveniently) seen the error of his ways. Let us be real. This dude is creepy in a predator type of way. The “Hair Sniffer” does not belong in the White House. Enough perversion has gone down under its canopy, don’t you agree? We must rid ourselves of that filth and get America back onto its feet. Freedom. This is what we are supposed to be about but we are not all free. When one is prosecuted or hunted over a flower, that is so Orwellian, I cannot believe what our creepy world has succumbed to. 1984, indeed, but this time I am not 16 years old.

Cannabis Legalization, in all 50 States, is my priority one. Nothing else holds it’s position. Fighting Cancer and Epilepsy both. My aren’t I the fortunate one? Cross I carry and I keep walking on. Bernie Sanders has cheered on this medically helpful plant for over 20 years. Previous President’s have been nothing like him. I appreciate his forthrightness, his knowledge, drive, and actions. I would like to explore a world with Bernie behind the wheel. After all, we are saying is “Give Peace a Chance”. Those wondering about Trump, sorry not sorry, you did not find a supporter here. Respect that or in Fonzie’s Words, “Sit on It!”

Bernie Sanders, let’s just say it, this gentleman can debate! The hashtag, #IWroteTheDamnBill was trending within seconds and wildly exciting to watch. America is pumped up with this Freedom Shouting, Educated, Empowered, Finger Waving, Soulfully Spirited, Senator from Vermont. He is comparable to a Hippie who has matured into an awake and sharp forerunner. The man is a boss! Who controlled the show last night? It was everywhere from the internet to television, Bernie Sanders, hands down! Be a sweetheart and have another look. We need a brawler like this, he’s a scrapper — RESPECT!

Well ya’ll did say you wanted a REVOLUTION. Tried that before with Ron Paul and you wusses backed out. Is everyone inflamed enough now to vote for a Pro Cannabis candidate who wants us to have more freedoms than you could ever imagine? What about low-income American’s, their kids can go to college, heck, they can go to college! What is wrong with a civilized and knowledgeable United States? Does this have something to do with taking away the freedoms of the Federal Government and placing rights back into our possession? Indeed it does and he is making American’s think and that scares some people.

Cool peeps, go on, click the video and chant it with me!

Lastly, a lot of Republicans have outed themselves as racists. They seem proud of this. I am horrified. Let’s get something straight here. Anyone against Cannabis is racist or ignorant, maybe both. The very root of criminalizing was about arresting black citizens. It was so profitable that they went after every race. Having Cannabis as a “crime” in some states and not others make it seem this country is more than one country. Just exactly where am I? Is this Amerika as it seems in the illegal state of Tennessee or America as it is in California, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, etc…? In some states, the sick or disabled are called Patients. In Tennessee and I’ll just say it again, the majority of the south, they are labeled Criminals. I am confused. Another reason why I am supporting Bernie Sanders.

Racism, it is everywhere and I do not like what it represents – hate. A song from my childhood, “This Land is Your Land” – go on, I dare ya, spark one up and sing it with me! I am speaking to everyone’s soul. Vote Blue no matter who but do not vote for Joe Biden. If Bernie does not take the Primary, and Biden is the only choice, I will not vote for him. I will either not vote at all or write in Bernie’s name in protest. Biden is a monster. Everyone should be able to live in America. Unless you are Native American you did not originate from this soil. I come from Scottish and Swiss heritage. I just happened to be born in the U.S. What makes me more important than all those wanting to live in this country too? If people want to immigrate here, let them. Do not be small-minded, you are better than that. Where is your outrage? Where is your compassion? Vote Bernie Sanders in 2020. Those still bitterly fighting immigration, I’ve one last plea to you. What would Jesus Do?


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