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Scepter Awards 2019-2020

2009-2020, The Scepter Awards!

It is that time of the season? Can you hear the music playing children? Is it not most lovely? Best? Promising? All that is unique and truly wonderful? Indeed it is. The 2019-2020 Scepter Award Winners are an exclusive set of recognized champions. From a Team of 10 Judges, over a thousand names were submitted until the final judgment. This group was then narrowed down to a list of thirty. Considering some won recognition in more than one category makes for an even more restrictive event.

At The Scepter Awards, our group of selected Winners do not pay their way in. All names are from chosen Nominations followed by a challenging polling process. Sincere Congratulations to everyone mentioned below. You can reach the exact location online at banner linked above. This event is officially held annually and hosted via CharmingBelles.com. I have listed the Winners names below to keep a reminder who won what. For the month of August, I dedicate this spot at SheriHooper.com, to this chosen few. With pride, I present the 2019-2020 Scepter Award Winners.

Be Proud of Yourselves and Each Other!
Love and Huggles,
Mrs. Sheri Hooper -c/o- SheriHooper.com

2019-2020 WINNERS

Best (High Level) Beauty Pageant – International Fabulous Faces

Best Cannabis Website – The Weed Tube

Best Hair and Make-up Artist – Michael Butler

Best Pageant Coach – Cambrie Littlefield

Best Pageant Director’s – Michael Booth and Alfonso Nogueda

Best Pageant Services – Props/Lighting/Audio/Video/ – Labelle Fille

Instagram – Model/Beauty/Fashion – Blonde in Venice

Momma of the Year – Stacie Seay Mathes

Recommended (Starter) Beauty Pageant – Beautiful Miss Sunshine

Pageant Legend – Photographer/H/M/Director – Madonna Jean Durbin

Photography – Beauty – James T. Blakely (JTB)

Photography – Children – Toni Overby

Photography – Fashion – James T. Blakely (JTB)

Photography – Food – Matt and Megha Barot-Gaedke – Keto Connect

Photography – Glitz Headshots – Toni Overby

Photography – Modeling – James T. Blakely (JTB)

Photography – Stage Shots – Labelle Fille

Recommended Modeling/Dance/Cheer/Studio – Amanda Douglas – Studio D

YouTube – Most Amusing Creator – Ketoginja “Amanda & Dan”

YouTube – Boldest Creator – Arend Richard

YouTube – Cutest Creators – Aspyn and Parker

YouTube – Most Engaging Creator – Phyllis Stokes

YouTube – Most Glamorous Creator – James Charles

YouTube – Most Heartwarming Channel – Rory Feek

YouTube – Most Ideal Family Channel – Be The Village

YouTube – Outstanding Christian Content – THE BEAT – Allen Parr

YouTube – Most Popular Creator – Amberlynn Reid

YouTube – Most Promising Vocalist – Sofia Alessandra

YouTube – Most Unique Creator – Katie Carney

YouTube – Most Valuable Channel – Keto Connect

7th Anniversary New Arrival

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