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♛ KEEP CALM, fight cancer, with KETO ♛

Hey Sugars! It is officially eighteen+ months on the Cancer Journey. I continue walking bravely forward and GOD is with me. HE protects his children from evil. Isaiah 54:17: No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.

Onward Soldiers. What shall I address first? I am Sheri Hooper, the rebellious one, refusing Chemo and Radiation after Adenocarcinoma had grown 90% through one of my organs. It’s all good though. Never over til it’s over and I am still kicking ass and taking names vs this evil disease. My Oncologist and his Team do not know what to think of me. Bless his heart, I make that 1976 “Good Ole” Catholic boy blush a lot. He laughs at things I say, and I eagerly suck up the positive attention. It’s not a problem.

I see it this way, if I can make a well-schooled and serious gentleman fall apart, this means my comedic writing skills are still spot on. Sweet, I’ll take that. Others there probably think “that chick has gone mad, she refused chemotherapy and radiation!” they are allowed their opinions, it’s okay. No judgment.

Here I am, 18 months on the ride and no signs of cancer, no inflammation, nothing spread to lymph nodes. I am a walking, talking, miracle. My choice of therapy was FAITH, PRAYER, HIGH TECH surgery, and then adding as much Cannabis, CBD Oil, etc… as possible. Not long after a Ketogenic diet was added. I avoided the Chemo and Radiation and canceled the appointment the Oncologist wanted me to have.

Sadly, many do not believe that FAITH in JESUS CHRISTPRAYER with BELIEVING it has already been ANSWERED -plus- GOD’S GIFT of CANNABIS and it’s spectrum of health alone will cure me. I have FAITH and I look forward to proving many people wrong. Did you read that dear? I have faith.

I was born in Peoria, Illinois (PROUD of that, have you noticed?) and spent the first 14 years of my life there. The way I KNOW it – you either STAND UP or fall down. This is my TAZEWELL and PEORIA COUNTY way. I learned valuable lessons long ago. The Heart of Illinois gave me an education beyond scholastics. This is the BAD ASS in me should you be curious.

Tennessee, and living here 37 years, has made me a better person. Sweeter, kinder, more thoughtful. Careful though, heed my warning, a “Rebellious Damn Yankee” can be provoked. If you throw stones at me, or to one of my own, I am liable to BBQ ya. I won’t be the one falling down. Just saying. Have a nice day as you hit your ass HARD, punk!

(eyes glaring)

I must go five years, and the first 18 months are over. They all marvel, either with joy or fear because I am a mystery to them. It is okay, only a part I must play. The look on amazed faces shows faithful prayer does indeed work. When it is your time, it is your time and when it is not, you will not die. The Book of Life ya’ll, google it! Until that page of life is opened with my name I will fight this beast with the Ketogenic Diet. My lifestyle is 100% Keto. Jump on board or move out of my way. FREE BACON with every boarding pass.


I love being a witness at Christ’s healing power and HIS miraculous flowers. Natural medication that can be used in the “Fortunate 33” and the others going across the borders from the “Unfortunate 18.” Whether or not the Government or 18 stupid states like it, people in dire need will get treatment. The aforementioned Unfortunate 18, these are states without any legal cannabis if you were not mindful of where I was traveling with that. When I start to preach about it at the doctors they are ready for me to go. 1.2.3 appointment is over! – #ByeFelicia – bahaha – It’s cool, I know they are afraid to be open about it. They will not even breathe the word CBD. Sad really, but that is Tennessee, one of the Unfortunate 18 State’s.

This is why I support Bernie Sanders though I would Vote Blue no matter who for cannabis alone. The exception to that rule, of course, being the hair sniffer. I will not vote for Joe Biden. My preference for Bernie and his admirable passion 20+ years and counting for legal, recreational, cannabis is the main reason I have chosen him. Indeed this man has my attention. While on the subject, folks scared of him now because his voice was rough in the other night’s debate, for Pete’s sake. What is wrong with ya’ll? The man lost his voice, it happens. What about Joe Biden? He can’t even keep his teeth in. Leave Bernie alone. His vocal cords need a rest, some hot tea and probably a drop or two of cannabidiol. Someone give this man an edible, stat! I know there is someone out there saying, “Why is she bringing up Bernie Sanders?” Because I can and the man had a sore throat, give him a break. Moving on . . .

What else? Blood Pressure, Heart, Breathing, Lungs, yadda-yadda, everything is ALL good. Even better, I have lost 138 pounds being Ketogenic. I have not been this size in decades. The old man has lost approximately 60 lbs himself. He eats what I cook. I am rustling up the KETO tonight and his weight shows my success in the kitchen. Additionally, he has dropped half of his diabetes medication and technically from his blood work, he shows no sign of Diabetes 2. Rick’s doctors are as baffled as mine. His next step is totally eliminating this diabetic big pharma and watching closely of the outcome. It appears that KETO has cured my husband Rick’s diabetes. Hallelujah!

♛ KEEP CALM, fight cancer, with KETO ♛

… fin …


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Sheri Hooper

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