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Q. How do I become a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders Campaign?

A. Visit: https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/volunteer-bernie-sanders/

Q. You are a cannabis activist is that the only reason you want everyone to vote for Bernie?

A. Yes, that sums it up, about 99.9%. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has never see-sawed on this issue. The others, especially Biden and Kamala are especially disgraceful over cannabis. Biden and Kamala have either attacked, imprisoned (or both) those using Cannabis. Biden verbally attacking with ridiculous. “Reefer Madness” statements and Kamala, a prosecutor who sent the Cannabis Community to prison. I will vote Kamala only if there are no other choices. I will vote for anyone who is BLUE – except Joe Biden. Should it come down to Trump vs Biden I will not vote. I want legal Cannabis #All50States – the end. Bernie is the most promising candidate for cannabis. I’m not playing around this time and neither is he.

Q. Aren’t you a Pro-Lifer?

A. I am. I have been nearly all my life. I had no idea what one was until around the 4th grade. I was horrified. A friend (same age) told me a joke… and it was about… abortion. She found it funny. I brought this information up to a sibling (RIP) that told me of a friend from her highshool who did one on herself with a knitting needle. I was around 9 and shocked that anyone would even think of doing something like that. I began reading a lot of medical books around that age, with good reason.
I had many questions though few answers. I looked in the Yellow Pages and could not believe my eyes. There are clinics that do this? It’s legal? Since 1973 you can pay to snuff out the life growing inside you? What a whammy that was placed upon my 4th Grade mind! Nothing else was said from the 15 years+ older sibling because she is/was Pro-Choice. I don’t know why she was but the other sibling and I are not? I suppose it is about… choice. I had to make up my own mind. The subject was not spoken of, but I wasn’t sure why. Fifth grade began and I was indoctrinated. Around age ten the public school I was attending and films exposed to including television said abortion was a female right. Being ballsy as heck, I brought it up one day in the car. I stated that abortion is legal and “not a “real life” and “just a bunch of cells”. Public Schooling taught me well eh? Birthfather said something (ahem) “golden” that I never forgot in response. He said, “Yes, but it is a potential life.” After thinking a while I agreed and from 1978 on I CHOSE to be PRO-LIFE. I am proud of the lives I have helped save. Just doing GOD’s work. I am glad to have been there for someone when it was needed. However, I would never stand outside of an abortion clinic ranting and raving with a picket sign. Mercy children, a resounding, NO! I am against abortion, therefore you will not find me at a clinic. I would not have one, even back in the day when I still had a bum uterus and a set of ovaries. Sorry, I should not be joking but it is what it is. Though I believe in “EQUAL RIGHT’S for UNBORN WOMEN!” I am also an AMERICAN and big on FREEDOM so I cannot and will not place judgment on others. If you judge you will be judged. Understand? Who am I to judge anyone? I will end this subject with a final statement. I am PRO-LIFE for myself and PRO-CHOICE for others. I refuse to point out the speck in someone else’s eye.

Q. How can you be a Christian and support homosexuals?

A. Must you use that word? – Do you know it hurts people’s feelings? My observation, phonetically speaking, it takes more effort to say “homosexual” than simply saying Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgendered, Queer/Questioning, Intersexed, Asexual or even LGBTQIA. Your email has been chosen for this article. Are you proud? Here, have a cookie. Let’s make this SENSATIONAL for him ya’ll. My AWESOME friends shall gallop upon an array of rainbow clouds with sparkling white unicorns, tossing multi-colored streamers into the air for you. On a silver platter, they present, your reward. – HUZZAH! – I am making fun of you Sir. You got that, right? Not that I want a trophy for saying so but I have been a very open activist for the LGBTQIA community longer than you have been alive honey. My first boyfriend was gay. He made me MARVELOUS! John, GOD Rest You Sugar, (1966-2003) What ya think about that, eh? He was my Music/Dance partner in the mid-1980s. We were a great team. And I have been triggered, by you. Once more, in regards to this readers question STFU on the word “homosexual” – it just makes me want to punch you in the face. Sorry ya’ll, sometimes the Peoria, Illinois comes out of me. Yeah, that bitch, the Rebellious Damn Yankee. (NORTHERN REBEL YELL!) #PeoriaPRIDE #PeoriaPROUD #RebelliousDamnYankee

Q. Sheri, you cannot believe that Bernie Sander could provide healthcare for everyone!

A. To clarify. It’s Bernie SANDERS, not Sander. Well, it’s a better system than we have now. I have ZERO medical debt. Why? Because we paid for it, ALL, immediately! Outside of our mortgage, we have NO debt. We paid cash for our SUV. It’s how we roll. Our credit score is high, neither Rick nor I thought that would ever be imaginable. Late Bloomers I suppose. Well, we are both Generation X. I raised by “The Silent Generation” and he raised by “Baby Boomers.” As a Gen X’er, I could never have foreseen a day with a credit score well over 700. I was not aware it could reach these numbers. I thought it stopped at 700. It does not! I am proud of that. What would have went down had we not an additional $50K in 2018 when I was diagnosed with CANCER? We would have been fucked, that’s what. There would be no article for anyone to read here because I would not have been here to create it. I did all of this fighting cancer and epilepsy and doing so making a name for myself and income without the aid of any disability check. I did it myself damn it! I don’t need a handout from Tax Payers. I am just fine, still fighting, and we are not behind on any bill with a positive banking balance. There are other changes that are more subtle. The silence of people who are afraid to hire a cancer survivor. The phone stops ringing. Some expect now that I am home I will work for free. To that I say, Google me bitches, how do you think I got where I am? Not via charity work! I support charitable contributions and believe in tithing but you assumed wrong thinking I will create or promote and not be reimbursed for my time. I am a sure thing. Damn, that sounds so full of myself, but to quote a film, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” Damn, I’m NOT dead yet! My skills are as clever as they always were, but I digress. Most recently two more doors opened up in Illinois. Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Creating, Influencing, Writing it just is my thing. Wise people get that, and send me a text or call. When one door opens, two more do also. I am going to be doing a lot of traveling, East of the Mississippi!

Before I forget, It should be said on medical care that Canada, Switzerland and other countries have socialized healthcare and do just fine. About those who are disabled and have no choices and cannot do what they want, Bernie Sanders is a voice for you. I urge you to visit: https://berniesanders.com/issues/fight-for-disability-rights/ -and- https://berniesanders.com/issues/health-care-for-all/

Q. Do you really think Bernie Sanders will make jobs for everyone in America?

A. I do, and if, theoretically, high THC Cannabis be legal recreationally, that alone will produce jobs. Right now in the Cannabis Industry, I know people who are legally employed in Farming, Dispensaries, Merchandise, Smoking Weed on the Internet helping out the “Newbies” I consider them Teachers with a really great sense of humor. I know Store Owners, Web Designers, Photographers, Retouch Artists, Gardening Suppliers, even Writers and PR like myself. This list could go on for hours with the work one can find now with legal weed. Go Bernie, make it legal, create more jobs! With Recreation grass everywhere the National Deficit will be erased in no time.

Q. Why does Bernie care about Puerto Rico instead of the real USA? That’s a foreign country! He has no right.

A. You can’t be serious? Puerto Rice is part of the United States. They should be declared the 51st State. Maybe I am a smart ass, but you are a dumb ass. I have known that Puerto Rico was part of the U.S. since, 1973? Nary a televised beauty pageant was missed from my earliest memory. Puerto Rico competes in both The Miss America and The Miss USA pageant systems. Go back to Junior High and take Geography. You need help Sir.

Q. You were bashed for your July “Bernie” writing on a Pro-Legalization Group on Facebook. What happened before it was removed?

A. I simply posted a notification that the article was up and two Republican/tRUMP trAIN bullies who are members began harassing me. Terribly slanderous. They said some very nasty things. The Group Owner removed my article. Other groups had no issue, no harassment. Seeing those behave like that, and Tennessee people? I cannot trust a Pro-Cannabis Legalization Group that treats people like shit. I posted my opinion, it was about Cannabis, I did not slap anyone around, I was the one who was bullied. They tried to anyway. I left the Group and banned them from ever trying to add me again. I do not feel good vibes by the actions of that group owner and some of the people. Speaking of, why do so many Republicans bash or slander? I leave people alone until they mess with me. Ya know? Toss a stone my way, I will HURL it back 100 times harder. There are some great Facebook Groups about Cannabis. If you see me as a member, they are COOL and MOMMA BELLE approved!

Q. Bernie Sanders will take away guns, You said you are an NRA member?

A. I am an NRA Member. My husband and I both are. I never stated that Bernie and I agree on everything. If guns are banned? Then so shall it be. Protection options? First off, PRAYER! – Next? – I’ve got skills baby, #BorninPeoria and a VETERAN’s wife who LIVED that life for 8 solid years! – More? – How about some Bad Assed Blades (knives), Pit Bulls, Throwing Stars, Blowtorch and a can of Hair Spray, Pepper Spray, MY BARE HANDS! (mischievous grin) – We might have to go “Old School” ya’ll.

Q. Bernie Sanders brings up climate change. What are your thoughts and do you think this can be fixed?

A. I agree there is climate change. It’s obvious. I do not think that this is cyclical, I believe this is biblical (Matthew 24). No one but GOD can change the odd weather that is plaguing us all The seasons are out of sync. Summer is not summer. Autumn does not fall as it used to. Winter is not winter. Spring is not sping. It is as if they have been shaken up. Polar Caps are melting. It is scientifically proven. Something is awry with our weather patterns. Arguments are mute. Criticism is muffled. – NOT GOING TO BUDGE HERE – Come on, DEVASTATING TORNADOES a WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING in WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS? – “Round the bend” right? – WRONG! – It happened 11-17-2013, #fact – And tomorrow? This area is expecting SNOW. I lived there for a considerable amount of time and have never heard of it snowing this early in Autumn. The climate is a manifestation of clues. In the interim, clean up the environment, cannabis should be planted everywhere as it cleanses the earth by pulling toxins from the soil and air. #LEGALIZEnature

Q. Let’s say that Bernie doesn’t get the nomination and You had to vote for: (STOPPING HERE BECAUSE THIS WAS A VERY POPULAR QUESTION!) I am combining into ONE question to save space.
Candidates that were mentioned are given an answer. Those not presented to me, I did not include. Don’t get your drawz twisted. Next time respond.

q. You had to vote for _______ TULSI GABBARD?
a. I actually like Tulsi Gabbard very much. She is a Veteran and Pro Cannabis. We could use a VETERAN in the White House. She’s darling but TOUGH! I would Vote for Tulsi Gabbard should she win the Ticket in a heartbeat!

q. You had to vote for _______ CORY BOOKER?
a. Sure, why not? Pro Cannabis and he seems cool to me.

q. You had to vote for _______ KAMALA HARRIS?
a. She once prosecuted Cannabis users and I am well aware of that. I do not like that part of her past. She was once for everything I am against. However, I don’t see this woman smelling anyone’s hair, saying lame-ass things about being Vice President a year ago (WTF Biden?) or being perverted to young children. Kamala is lovely, aesthetically pleasing to look at and it’s hard to turn away a pretty face. I hope she is sincere about Cannabis. Considering that she is from California with Jamaican roots I am TRUSTING she will do the right thing and get Cannabis Recreational, in all 50 States. My answer is yes, I would vote for Kamala.

q. You had to vote for _______ PETE BUTTIGIEGE?
a. Unsure on Pete because I have not read much on him. I do not know where his stance on Cannabis is either.

q. You had to vote for _______ ELIZABETH WARREN?
a. We do not agree on everything (but is that a reality?) Because she is Pro-Cannabis and seems like a sweet soul, yes, I would vote for Elizabeth Warren.

q. You had to vote for _______ ANDREW YANG?
a. No, I would not vote for him. He is an arrogant bastard. I am not a Trump “person” but when Yang called Trump fat? He lost me right there. I loathe “body shaming” people. It’s filled with tones of elementary school. It shows a lack of intelligence, reserve, and education. The USA does not need someone like this putz representing us. Karma is a bitch Yang. Ya best go Keto while you can.

q. You had to vote for _______ MARIANNE WILLIAMSON?
a. Pretty face, if this were a Beauty Pageant she would be sporting the crown. For the most part, she seems alright, except spiritually. However, I am not sure where she stands on Cannabis.

q. You had to vote for _______ JOE BIDEN?
a. NO! I answered this previously. If Bernie should not take the primary I will vote for anyone but Joe Biden (and now add) Andrew Yang. I may or may not vote for Marianne Williamson, she is a wee bit, “OUT THERE” but she is not a hair sniffing pervert. Biden however, I could compose an entire piece on this idiot. The boy isn’t right. Creepy Uncle Joe, Pervy, Skeevy, kissing his grandchildren on the lips. And there is also his HATRED for Cannabis until VERY recently. (eye roll) He thinks he is being clever. I am still trying to figure out how SO MANY pedophiles and sex offenders run free? Do not vote for Biden. He’s a nasty predator. YouTube the videos, open your eyes, #WAKEup and get told.

Q. How do I donate to the Bernie Sanders Campaign for Presidency?

A. You must be at least 18 years old. Any amount is accepted. – https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bern-site?refcode=splash-top-right

Q. I want to get some type of Bernie “Wear” does is there a store up yet?

A. Sure is, Bernie Sanders has a great Campaign Store! Head to: https://store.berniesanders.com/?utm_source=website-splash&utm_medium=navigation

Q. Is there a good selection of shirt sizes?

A. I have seen up to a 3X. They have smalls too. Check them out more may have been added! They have a phenomenal collection of Bernie Sanders “GEAR” from roomy T-Shirts to Hats, Stickers, Mugs, Magnets, Fanny Packs, Beverage Holders, Books, Limited Editions, Organizing and a breathtaking L.G.B.T.Q. PRIDE page that is a marvel to behold! Check his merch out, accessorize yourself and be COOL supporting a MASSIVE MOVEMENT and making an ENORMOUS STATEMENT!

Q. What about Veterans?

A. I am a Veteran’s Wife, he served 8 years. I constantly feared the phone would ring or a knock at the door. Even checking the mailbox brought anxiety. Could his deployment papers be inside? Somehow we all survived. Bernie Sanders has a generous heart for Veterans. Please view:

Wrapping things up, I demand Recreational Cannabis, for all 50 States. This is why I support Bernie Sanders. You may argue that others are hip also. Perhaps, though Bernie Sanders is 20+ Years in actively supporting Cannabis. No other candidate can say this. Many in fact were enemies of Cannabis. Additionally, I grew up in a house that was not only in the Entertainment Industry but also a great majority worked for Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, Illinois from the 1940s til? Birthfather was in the UAW and I grew up reading the magazine delivered to our home, “SOLIDARITY” starting around the age of 9. I was a weird little kid, advanced for age, and read every page, month after month, year after year.

Talk about freaking out my new my Southern Posse, this publication was still being delivered to Tennessee after moving here in 1982. Several friends were baffled seeing it on an end table. I found that hysterical then and still do. I loved their reactions. I am all about the UNION children. Think my Northern Exposure had anything to do with that? I would like to think so. #UNIONpride #PresidentBernieSanders #LEGALIZEamerica

My Uncle Carl always said it best . . .

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