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♫ That’s a Rap! ♫


Rap Music, not everyone comprehends the artistry behind its finesse. I appreciate Rap and have for decades. I remember it’s earliest beginnings and probably listening longer than many of you have been alive. Not trying to offend any age groups, just a fact. I did not perform Rap personally, but I love listening to it. I began my journey with rap as a sixth grader. 1979 or 1980.

WHAT? Screams my readers, “there wasn’t any RAP music in the seventies or early eighties!” – I can hear/see this now. (laughing) Hate to be a “know it all” but you are wrong. Indeed, I was groovin’ on rap in that time frame.

RAP came to the scene and most people did not like it. The majority of listeners were mostly white kids. I instantly gravitated towards it. The message. The “in your face” with a beat appealed to me, and it continues to do so.

The first Rap song I heard and hooked onto was recorded by Blondie and titled, Rapture. The “RAP” in Rapture was a pun. The entire song is based upon factual people who created Rap Music. The story is deep. Google it. My own age group were saying how much they loathed this new tune by Deborah Harry, meanwhile I had to get my hands on a copy. I was mesmerised by the style.

When folks said, “Ugh, that Rapture song by Blondie. I hate it, all she is doing is talking!” I simply rolled my eyes at their ignorance. While Debby Harry was not known as a Rapper, per se, this was indeed a rap song and so are the lyrics. It describes of a specific individual who independentally made Rap, Reality. It tells a story.

I got the last laugh, all Rap lovers did. The scoffers said that this type of music would never last. They predicted wrong. 41 years later . . . Rap Music has many of it’s own Awards Shows and taking plently of other Music Awards from traditional shows. Rap and the design of Rapping is a huge success!

I recollect in late 1987 when “PUSH IT” by Salt n Pepa began receiving loads of attention on radio stations. Suddenly more folks started to enjoy the character of RAP, though very few my age then (19) agreed with me. I’ll just be my honest self here – those who saw things my way were younger or black. All of my African American friends recognized what I did – musical VICTORY – and we LOVED it!

Here is the thing about RAP. You do not have to be a certain color, race, whatever. Requirements are talent, and a directive that people want to hear. Currently my favorite Rapper is Claudia, also known as, SNOWTHAPRODUCT. Below you will see one of her songs she made with her partner Julissa, a/k/a/ “JUJU” entitled, “On My Way.” The girl has been on her way a long time. At last she is being flourished with the attention she deserves. Magnificent!

Not only can SNOW rap, REALLY WELL with VOCALS and RHYTHM to match but she and her TEAM do everything themselves. They have no managament lable nor do they desire one. They briefly had one years ago. It did not float, and they do it all and I mean everything, on their own. I must send out extra respect for anyone carrying out all of this with no lable or management.

Do you know what SNOW THA PRODUCT must pay their mgt company? Ha! – They don’t, they are their own management company. Rules others must live by do not apply to SNOWTHAPRODUCT. I giggled outloud as I typed that.

To follow on YouTube seek out: SnowThaProduct. If you are LGBTQIA Friendly and wish to view daily updates and “in the life” of Snow and JuJu also search for Everydaydays.

Claudia owns it. She is running the show and a triumph to behold. Peace out ya’ll, That’s a Rap!

… fin …

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