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First off, we are both fine. Our two furbabies are doing well also. Our home is strong and sturdy with not a scrape. Debris is floating around the neighborhood but no harm done. A token old plastic soda bottle was dropped into our fence from unseen forces as well as odd pieces of paper and plastic. We are fortunate. Friends in other counties are walking around in a nightmare. An early March tornado is not unheard of but 25 people dying overnight from one is.

Rick and I have never resided anywhere a curfew (8 AM to 8 PM) was being strictly enforced or being labeled as a National Major Disaster. The YouTube videos are unbearable to watch. Many parts of Putnam County especially are unrecognizable. Putnam, including the cities of Cookeville and Baxter was clearly the hardest hit. Of the 25 deaths, 18 came from Putnam County. As predicted by myself from the shocking videography, their tornado was an EF-4. Others ranged from EF-1 to EF-2 and EF-3.

It’s all shocking no matter the number given. Peculiar phenomena within each city. North Nashville looks like a ghost town. Homes have been left abandoned. Crazy damage to nearly every nook and cranny of Davidson, Germantown, East Nashville, Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Wilson County, Smith County, and many others. All of this insanity happening in the middle of the night when most were silently sleeping.

Sirens are great but only a warning to get inside. Most do not hear them once asleep. Many victims were within their homes but vacuumed out by angry funnels of wind, flying debris, they themselves debris, falling structures, you get the picture. These storms were furiously angry and damaging. Those left in the wake are alarmed at how fragile “Rocky Top” truly is.

You may wonder why most people in Tennessee do not have basements or shelters. To have one you must blast through rock. It is quite a process and people are not prepared for twisters here. They never have been.

Tennessee has tornadoes 12 months out of the year. It can and will happen at any time – often with little or no warning. Those are the breaks kid, sorry. Good Ole’ Rocky Top Tn. Get it now? Tennessee is dense in so many ways children. – THICK! – But before I drop into that rabbit hole . . .

Hallelujah, our county was not touched. At 12:40 A.M. I noticed that our lights were flickering and immediately brought it up to Rick. Coming from Illinois, I knew full well that this is a signal a tornado, somewhere, is lurking about and most likely on the ground. Those words actually came out of my mouth as a warning to Rick. Ever have that uneasy feeling? Seconds later our NOAA weather radio’s went off. We were in a Watch and for 20 minutes our lights continued to flicker on and then off. The radio never sounded again.

We prayed and gave it to GOD. I went to bed around 1 A.M. when the indoor light show suddenly ended. There is an election going on and I had to be up early. The drama, was over, for us anyway. Rick, of course, was up all night. He has to warrior it out on Playstation past dawn. Then there is his Bass, Electric Guitar and he must watch an episode of Friends or Big Bang Theory. As hours went on, he noticed no oddities and went to sleep next to me as night moved into morning.

Not long after I was looking out the window. A bright and beautiful sun greeted me. No flooding, no damage, everything APPEARED normal when it was anything but. I drank a liter of water, walked to our gym, did my daily routine ending with a shower, dressing and making a bullet proof coffee. I sat down and sipped the fog away and flicked on the television. Each broadcast was worse than the last. First it was all about Nashville. They slowly moved to other counties. I could not believe my eyes, Drone footage showed me all I needed to see. How could this be possible?

I began texting, calling, emailing everyone I knew who loves me in the hit areas. Two stories stick out and both from Putnam County. One, Crystal. She has been a close friend since 2004. She and her family are fine but her youngest daughter’s teacher, husband and baby perished. I read her text, and then again, over and over. No, I must not be reading this correctly, sadly I was. She was wondering just how to tell her darling little girl that her teacher was . . . gone. My heart began breaking.

Though saddened by their loss, I felt a tad bit guilty. They, my friends, Crystal and her family were fine. I felt elated that GOD got them through. Others though . . . The news stations were still reporting that almost all the deaths were in Nashville when that was anything but true. Cookeville, Baxter, Putnam County with an EF-4 was by far the most damaged not to mention, most lives lost. We still had not received that memo.

When I was told that the Putnam County Tornado was an EF-3 I simply said one word – NO! I was insulted, to be honest, and I still did not know the death count that was nearly all in that area. I was going on video, photography and people’s personal accounts. When I found out the truth, 18 deaths, over 175+ MPH WINDS and an EF-4, I had two words, “told ya!”

Happy to report that Putnam County, Cookeville and Baxter Tennessee are all receiving much more attention via the media. It is a mess though. Stay out of all of these area’s, Resist the temptation. Photographers, unless invited, do not go there. There are things that you can do and I will mention them shortly, but being an onlooker is not something you should be.

Rick and I both reached out to everyone we have on our cells and home phone and waited for responses. I never thought of hopping onto Facebook or SheriHooper.com to let everyone know that we were okay. I started to get a slew of messages myself from people all over the world. My Elite Queen at Charming Belles reached me through Instagram. Again, Praise GOD, we are all good.

The second story came from the one I refer to as, “Cawsin.” She told the wildest tale of watching the tornado as it hit electrical lines, one after another. Her messages came not through texts but over the telephone. It was one of the most horrifying tornado stories I have ever heard of. She too, Thank GOD, is just fine. She finally received our text message approximately 2? days later. The cell phone towers were hit too.

See? Putnam, clearly got the worst of this storm. The information I am getting since the big event grows odder. If you thought I loathed living in Tennessee before, you should hear me bitching about it now. Most of us have no protection. I encourage people to at least consider installing a Walk in Safe and have it bolted into your garage. They are pricey but will take payments or make arrangements somehow with you if paying all at once is impossible. You cannot place a price on a life. How about 25 lives? A Walk In Safe would have saved all of them. #FACT

Speaking of, a great number of people died because they were sucked through their windows. Please move all beds of humans and pets away from windows and outside doors. Folks, please do this now. Tornado season began a day before this happened. 24 hours and that’s all she wrote. It’s just beginning, expect more. Have a place to hunker down with a backpack of supplies for each person and pet, more than 2 ways of communication, plenty of batteries and flashlights.

I hate telling people to be paranoid but…. BE PARANOID! Ever heard of Climate Change? Okay, if that does not reach you how about verses in Matthew, Revelations and Daniel?

(pushes away saltbox)

There are numerous donation pages trending and many are fake. I 100% trust those mentioned below. It is not recommended to give to anyone from an unsolicited phone call, email, text, or door-to-door. There are scams being reported. Please donate directly to the charities below.

I’ll be blunt. They need cash. Items such as bottled water, food, clothes, blankets, baby food, diapers, etc… are generally the LAST things that are needed. Money. Any amount, even $1 adds up. Thank You!

To help knowing your aid is going to a real charity visit:

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund https://midtnemergency.kimbia.com/midtnemergency2020

To Volunteer, you must be 18 years old, have appropriate clothing and gear. Call 931-646-INFO if you wish to be contacted by a Team Leader.

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