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Apocalyptic Tribulation

April 2nd – TN Governor, Bill Lee, ordered a “Stay At Home” for anyone “non-essential.” Interesting noun there, it was a new one for many. Not many take this governor seriously, for the most part, because of cannabis. He backed out on his Medical Cannabis promise and is despised.

Gov. Bill Lee is considered callow and weak. He’s the non-essential. I look forward to a more open-minded Governor, as do the majority of the rest of the state. Regardless, I actually agreed with him on shutting down the state. As it turned out, all of the states shut down. One by one like falling dominoes.

April 3rd – Whenever someone must leave the safety of their homes, some folks are handling it seriously. Families are opening Decontamination Rooms or Areas. Spraying down with Lysol while holding breath, removing clothing to the contaminated bin, and sprinting naked to the shower.

April 4th . . . “I’m About to whoop somebodies ass!” . . . #CRAZY #ASSED #NEIGHBORHOOD #REACTION to #COVID and #STAYatHOME — they DON’T understand the 6-foot rule or the STAY INSIDE and away from others. #SMDH – I am witnessing people who used to be normal, now reacting strangely. This is the “New Normal” or so we are being told on the television. This sucks. I don’t like change!

I saw another dipshit passing out candy to his neighbor’s kids today. The mother let them take it right out of his hand. How is my neighborhood hanging? Apparently by getting liquored up. No judgment but . . . (eye roll) — There have been a lot of DRUNK sons of bitches today — dayum! — Smoke some weed, take some CBD, smoke CBD weed. Getting drunk only leads to DISASTER! No masks on anyone. Many people are yelling at one another with extreme anger.

Folks have lost their minds. Wanna watch a show that will rock ya to the ends of the world? – seeing a MALE neighbor march up to a FEMALE neighbors driveway, nearly touching her driveway, mere cm away, and started an argument. I stood at window witnessing it all go down, my Taurus sitting on my hip. Yeah, I am packin’ – it’s my right! – Never thought I would need a weapon out here actually attached to my body, but I can see clearly that I do. It’s a “Shelter in Place” and people are acting nuts. I would swear I am on a film set. Where are the H/M hiding?

This is not the type of place I would expect to see something like this. The man above who started a fight and to make up gave her kids candy. Odd. He seemed to be upset because her 3 kids’ bicycles were on their own driveway. He took it upon himself to walk out of his house, walk up to her and kids and started making hand gestures out to HERE and screaming. I haven’t the slightest exactly what any of this was about but they were going at it and he was MAD! — over children’s bicycles? — am I missing something here? — He then marched back, well, stumbled back. Yup, drunk as fuck. He returned with candy and it was accepted and consumed in minutes.

April 5th – An incredibly rebellious family in my hood is following the rules of Social Isolation today by throwing a party at their house. By 5 P.M. there were 7 vehicles parked in their driveway, yard, and in the street. I am beginning to wonder just how far the scale of intelligence rises in this particular home. Avoid one another and they are having a party? I bet the neighborhood will get one wild scene after another as the booze pours freely.

We are this far into the Stay at Home rule and I am continuously seeing people come back out in droves, chasing down ice cream trucks, frozen “Hawaiian” ice, spreading germs, and spitting on the road as they all walk. Minutes later someone is walking through or riding a bicycle over the phlegm that was in someone else’s body. Social Isolating? No, this is not working. People are not doing what they should be. You can see how this pandemic is growing. If you are going to toss a loogie on the road, have the common courtesy to have some tissues in your hand. If this was a youngster, I could understand. Not one child have I seen doing this on any of the roads in my subdivision. Each and every spitter was an adult.

You’re Nasty!

April 6th and 7th — — A putz trying to pimp out his job walked through yards, grass, flower beds, rocks, all over the front porches. He never used the driveway, he sailed through like he owned the yard. Shame I do not have the automatic sprinklers in yet. When I do, I will have loads of fun with it. I watched this guy with one of our outdoor cams and scratch his nose after knocking. Right, like I am going to open the door during a pandemic to a stranger trying to sell me something unwanted.

He went to the next home and then all down the street and back up again. He and the guy dropping him off in their work truck were back the next day. I don’t know about where ya’ll are but where I am ? Even though our joke of a governor issued a #STAYatHOME order, no one is paying much attention. Scads of morons about on the streets. Yesterday and today both UNWANTED SOLICITORS at door. Who was this? Would I ever use their services? #NEVER and nor will the majority of #BOFUNKegypt — #REPRESENT — Ring recorded the entire thing, so did many folks cell phones about the neighborhood. Shame on you Ardent Pest Control of Nashville, TN! How dare you show up in our neighborhood during this time. We got you on camera assholes.

BTW, we use “The Bug Man” in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as ONLY the BEST will do at our homes.

April 9th — Cookeville Hospital in Putnam County (Cookeville, Tennessee) announces that they are either Laying Off or permanently firing over 400 Workers.

At today’s count, we continue to have 16 Million people who have filed for Unemployment. Legal and Decriminalized Cannabis would pay for this. Meanwhile, sadly, Bernie Sander’s dropped out of the race leaving Trump with promises unkept and Biden who is anything but Cannabis Friendly.

Struggling from a recent F-4 Tornado, Doctor’s and Nurses understaffed and overworked – I cannot fathom why Cookeville made such a rotten decision. While people are dying in tents and being birthed in the same, it is not just Cookeville, Tn. It is all over. Everywhere. I am watching this country fall apart. Firing 400 from the Cookeville Hospital? I know not this world.

April 10th — Ventured out yesterday, Sporting a Surgical Mask with an additional Coffee Filter inside, Yellow Rubber Gloves up to elbows and Prescription Sun Glasses that tightly frame around eyes for additional protection. Nearly every person was also wearing their own version of Pandemic Fashion. We looked like extra’s walking around. It was upsetting to see most businesses are closed, parking lots empty.

April 11th — The United States has been declared the hardest hit with Covid 19, passing other countries with deaths. American’s are waiting in line for bread as they did during The Great Depression. The prices from the stores are annoying but the treatment of our Truck Drivers is cruel. Many are being denied food and other services. Why I ask, are American Trucker’s suddenly deemed, “The Enemy”? Do you not know for it was not for them, there would be nothing to stock up on the shelves?

The annoying ‘Shaved Ice” and Ice Cream trucks were seen in many neighborhoods. There has been an increase in such neighborhood “mobile” places. This is not isolation. The virus spreads on as I shake my head at the non-thinking sugar craving neighbors after their “fix”.

April 12th, Easter Sunday — I can never remember an Easter Sunday with scary GREEN skies, HEAVY RAIN, Cloud to Ground LIGHTNING, high WIND gusts, and THUNDER that makes one want to hide.

April 14th — Farmers are dumping 1,000’s of gallons of milk, destroying growing crops and tossing butchered meat because Truckers cannot get to them in time to take to stores.

April 15 — People who have had Covid 19 at some point and recovered are often left with permanent damage to Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Nervous System, Blood Disorders, Brain, and other organs.

April 16th — Recovered patients of Coronavirus are still showing “positive” when checking their blood. Like, HIV, will victims always test positive? This viral pandemic will show up for 40+ days after recovery. This is not normal but it is all we have at the moment. Frankly, I am mortified. When Conspiracy Theorists start making sense I get uneasy. How long is this going to last?

April 17th — A few of our neighbors have been living above their means in our area. That threw me. Some have left. If I had not witnessed with my own eyes I never would have believed it. We are blessed to own a home where one of the main rules is that all of the homes must be brick with no mobile homes, duplexes, and the like. That said – it is pleasant to look at despite the folks on their Mules, 4-Wheelers, and Mini Bikes.

Some families are teaming up together into one home. I never expected to see that here – ever. There is no H.O.A. and I suppose they are not breaking any rules. Who would bitch about it anyway? That would be cold-blooded. I think it is smart they are going at this with a “One for All and All for One” vibe.

Many people are homeless from Covid. Some are students from colleges who were living on campus. Others were fired or laid off and as weeks passed they could not catch up. A great majority, are not receiving unemployment as we were led to believe weeks ago.

I was told it took 7 days to get your first check and you could count on $600 a week and an additional $900. I listened as they sweetened the deal with Food Stamps and something called a Stimulus Check as well. Cool I thought, no one will go hungry or lose their homes. This is great. I never thought to ask people if any of what the news was feeding me was true, I believed what I was told. Rick and I lived our lives not knowing what was going on in other people’s homes.

As it turns out very few are getting checks not to mention Food Stamps. Stimulus Checks are benefitting the banks because folks bounced checks and the banks charge fees. The Stimulus Checks for the lower-income folks are eaten up by their creditors. If you owe money, they will seize your “freebies.”

A great deal of Facebook Followers let me in on about the Unemployment Checks that never arrived. About those Food Stamps, and their Stimulus Checks? They seem to be imaginary for lower-income folks, whether they owe money or not. This isn’t just where I live – it is everywhere. Every city, town, village, whatever – it is happening! The Tribulations are still to come Children. It is far from over.

Some are not paying their mortgages, running from their homes, and moving elsewhere. They are in another home – or sadly – parking the car and sleeping in it overnight. In a panic, they are leaving. When this happened with the Prime Mortgage Crisis starting in 2008 it was similar. This may very well be happening again to people and this time, most are not working. The world is an utter mess. It makes no difference where you are living. You need, in the least, 6 months to 12 months cash for all expenses. This is not the time to be “buying” if you do not have the funds. The vacation can wait.

I have witnessed 5 U-Hauls moving about suddenly in a matter of 3 days. The homes sit empty with no “For Sale” signs. Where are they going? Are they homeless now? Two homes who have others living with them, 8-9 cars spread between them, it does resemble a car lot but no salesman. Not even one of the people is working. There are 3 children at one of the homes though normally only one child lives there.

The other trend – neighbors arguing at each other. We’ve lived here five years and this was a first. What about that six-foot distance? Insanity has ensued them all. I feel terrible for people in my subdivision. Scratch that – I feel terrible for the world.

On the 23rd, I took notice that 2 neighbors had cars missing. Apparently they’ve gone back to work. The other cars sit still. On the same day, I watched as a man took boxes and filled garbage bags to his car. I hope this guest who is leaving has somewhere to go.

April 27th, another disturbing Coronavirus 19 update. In addition to the plethora of other forever problems, once recovering. Recovering? Add blood clots and strokes to the bonus prize list of Covid that seems to never really “go away.” They keep adding more “this may happen” later information.

I fear the country is opening up far too soon. Meat companies are closing daily in a multitude of states with one out of six testings positive for Covid 19. Is meat the new toilet paper? How much do you want to wager? The only folks I believe will maintain sanity on a “Meat Buying Frenzy” would be the Vegetarians and Vegans.

On April 28th many states began opening up and hopefully that means everyone has a job and home to go back to. Wait a minute, please listen to me. I am going to toss a question out to you. What if this is too soon? At this writing, we now have 26+ Million Unemployed. Scientists are predicting Round 2 will be more destructive and additional lives lost.

Hair Salons, Spa’s, and other Personal Care services will re-open on May 6th in Tennessee. One can see this both ways. If we do not open up we are screwed but when doing so we may be setting ourselves up for much worse. People need their money if the Government is not helping them as I thought they had been the entire time. I pray this is not going to roll into a further disaster.

Scientists have proven that the reason there are more Covid cases is because of pollution. If you are in an area or work in one that has factories or known to be pollutants in the air, you are in trouble and better wear a mask at all times when outdoors or anywhere that is not your home.

Coronavirus attaches itself to those monstrous pollution clouds and spread the virus much further than six feet. The virus, when traveling in the air, laughs at the “Six Foot Rule.” At this time, they are uncertain just how far this virus can move and remain active. Keep your masks on!

Farmers are continuing to destroy food and killing livestock that cannot be processed and delivered. I’ve never heard of such a crazy, stupid notion. Murdering the animals and not for food? This is when I see it in the Vegan way. Destroying these animals, not allowing them to nourish someone’s body, slaughtering early, and throwing away as garbage is when folks can scream murder and be correct.

Meat can be frozen, dehydrated, canned. There are no reasons at all to say, “Death to the Livestock!” and dump their milk as their bloody bodies decompose in the puddles of waste. When there are starving human beings in the world and this is happening, daily, you must confess that we have a problem in the United States. Not everyone has been shaken awake. I am incredibly disappointed in many people. Stop destroying food. Preserve it — somehow!

Our moment in time is dark and mysterious. Dreary, storm-filled weather only adds to the myriad of oddities that are filling future history books for generations.

This Apocalyptic Tribulation is one of many yet to come.

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