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I recently interviewed 50 couples who asked me to cover the chaos surrounding racism. “Black Lives Matter” was brought up frequently. I believe that everyone matters. All Human beings matter. There are many who agree with me. I asked them questions and created the following article. These kind people were of all races. No one was excluded. They all share something in common.

The first was overwhelming. I considered for days to move on to the next article and scratch this one entirely. Dramatic? I’ll say! Less than a week after the interview the husband packed up his belongings, told his children he would be in contact and left. Not long after he filed for divorce. He is a black gentleman, an attorney, well-liked and just an all-around good guy. His wife, white, is quite attractive and they made a great looking couple. Their children are gorgeous. Everything was glorious until 2020 came calling.

The husband who I will refer to as, “Mr. A” was growing irritated at his wife. She changed. Her demeanor so different one would think she was another person. She meant well but was overdoing it. Since March she had been submitting to her husband so much that he was embarrassed.

She had new rules. He was not allowed to do any household chores. She mowed the lawn or had the children do so. She brought his dinner plate to him every night and sat at his feet with her own. It made him uncomfortable. The kids were embarrassed for their mother who I will call, “Mrs. A”. Though he asked her to sit in her chair rather than the floor she pleaded that because of her “whiteness” it was the only way she could enjoy her meal.

She felt bad. Slavery. He just let her go to her happy place. The man was hungry, she was adamant about sitting at his feet at dinner so he let her. It happened again the next night and so on until he was no longer enjoying his meal. This turned into an argument with her in tears, and refusing to feed herself. Mr. A was on his last nerve the day I spoke with them. She was all laughter and happiness at first but that soon turned tearful as the subject of hundreds of years ago came up.

Mr. A said to her, “Look, I forgive you and your people, would you just please go back to your former self?” She cried harder. I watched them both wondering exactly what I should be asking. I spoke. “Mrs. A, your husband clearly loves you and does not like you behaving this way. Can you do that for him?” She looked up at me and said she hated herself, her skin, and her genetics.

Being aware their kids were listening in, I said; “But your children are half white, what do you think that is saying to them?” Her answer was shocking, “that is the bad part of them and it is all my fault!” As she said that I looked on in horror as she bolted out of the great room and upstairs to their bedroom. Mr. A rolled his eyes and said he would be back in a moment. He sighed very heavily as he walked to the stairs. She never came back down.

I made small talk with their teens and after what seemed an eternity later (approximately 20 minutes) he returned. He asked the kids to go to their rooms and they did so. Clearing his throat he said, “I want to tell you what she has been doing. I’ve just about had enough of this.

Though she followed me on Facebook I was not aware that she was telling people publically that all black people should despise whites. Naturally, she lost a ton of friends but I never caught on to it. I have nearly 5,000 (limit) on my personal Facebook (not Fan Page) and it would be impossible to check up on everyone. She never told me that over half of her friends had left her Facebook. I never paid attention to the numbers of her followers or lack thereof.

Mr. A began telling me things that were so shocking I stopped typing and just recorded the whole thing with my cell. Did she tell you what she did at Walgreens? I shook my head no. When he told me I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. While picking up a prescription she kneeled in front of him on the floor. He had to demand for her to get up, to which she said, “Yes my darling, I will obey.” Mr. A decided at that moment he would be avoiding public appearances with his wife. He began to spy. When he saw the Facebook rants over her race vs his, the rights to Social Media were over. He was embarrassed and deleted her Facebook. His worry was that his Co-Workers would see. Can’t say that I blame him.

I suppose that no longer will be his problem. She refused to see a therapist, even marriage counseling and Mr. A is continuing with ending their marriage. He is seeking all of the children because he see’s Mrs. A’s suddenly odd behavior as damaging to their bi-racial kids. I agree.

Day’s later when learning about the divorce he told me she had been speaking with his parents and other black relatives on how horrid white people are. She told an elderly relative of his that she “would not be upset if the woman spent less on her kids at Christmas” because of their skin color. Her meaning? Because they are not 100% black they are less wholesome. That threw me!

“She’s lost her mind”, he said. She actually used the adjective, “wholesome.” Mr. A wanted to keep this from his kids though it was too late. She sat each one of them down months ago and told them that because of her race these kids were already flawed. I’ve no doubt who will win custody.

My heart broke when a Bi-Racial couple told me that their children’s friends in the neighborhood, primarily black, will no longer play with them because they have “white” in them. I heard this story over and over from nearly all the Bi-Racial couples. Just because it’s about White DNA does not mean it cannot be termed Racist. This too is racism.

One mother said her Bi-Racial child was out sunbathing for hours and wearing a wig and foundation darker than usual to appear more black so that her friends will still like her. The mother is white. I suggested allowing the daughter to let her be herself. The mother broke down as she told me additional details.

The daughter is speaking and acting differently, not just looking new. It is not a fashion statement. She is denying any white in her. This mom could barely speak as she choked out that the neighbor next door asked how old their daughter was when they adopted her. That’s just it – she is not adopted. This young teen is embarrassed because she has white DNA and told others that her white mother is not her biological mom. Ouch!

I know white people who disowned their own blood over bi-racial grandchildren. White and Black. White and Asian. Black and Asian. Choose a race and mix them up, it’s bound to piss someone off. How anyone could look at an innocent child and only see 1/2 of their DNA and see that as either something good or bad depending on their thought processes are beyond me. This is not just a white grandparent thing – no one is excluded. Asians and Blacks also turn their backs on their own when not being rewarded with their “ideal” grandchildren. Call it what you want – it is all racism.

Interview 30 was painful. A 4-year-old half white/half black child was upset because she was uninvited to a birthday party. An all-white birthday party apparently. She had been sent an invitation but now they did not want her to attend. What kind of people would send a child an invitation to a party only to text the mother several days later asking her not to come? Monstrous!

I was just as angry as the mother. The little girl walked into the kitchen and overheard. She wanted to know if she could go to the party now? Her mother shook her head and the child ran off crying. Seeing that baby cry like that hurt, deep down. I asked the mother to go and get her and we would try and make her a little happier.

She sat in her mother’s lap quietly. I told her that the party was lame and came up with every possible scenario until I got her into it. Before long, God Bless Her, she was laughing and adding to the story of what would actually happen at the stupid party.

I thought it would end there when I left. Nearly two weeks later the mother called me. “I give up!” she said. “No one will ever love my baby!” I was confused letting out a “What?” and a “Huh?” before she answered tearfully. There was another birthday party and this time they only wanted 100% black kids there. No invitation was sent but the child is friends with the other and they live in the same area.

I asked her how the little one was taking it. She told me that she was making a pretend list of “stupid things they would be doing at the party.” I roared with laughter. Bless her heart, she cannot write yet but she can make marks with a pen and paper. She got out her frustrations and apparently is over it. The mother is the one (at this point) who is suffering the most.

Another memorable interview was with a young couple. Though they both live at home with their parents, both sets refused to attend the meeting. Maybe they are working and cannot make it. I was wrong about that. A short introduction, these are wonderful teens. Honor Students, popular, they are both 18, Class of 2020. Sadly, they missed Prom, Graduation, many planned events and much more. This should be enough for them to suffer right? They are facing other problems.

Even though they have publically dated for 3 years, for reasons still unknown, all four parents want them to stop dating and that highschool is as far as this should go. That was how it was phrased to them, “This is as far as this should go.” Interesting word, don’t you think? Dating three years and now it is referred as a “this.” I’ll just get to it. “THIS” veil is thin. See-Through. Race is the reason. Both sides.

I agree with the kids here. She is white, he is black and their parents (all four) despise them being together for no other reason than the color of their skin. I already know how this ends. The kids eloped. They plan on attending the same college and living in Family Housing as Husband and Wife. Their parents are not speaking to them. Their loss because I am.

On June 15th a kind-hearted follower on Facebook invited me to a Bi-Racial Children’s Facebook. These gorgeous youngins are equally black and white. This lead to other pages much like it. I eagerly shared them. Many of these people are active in beauty pageants and modeling, winning events and getting jobs.

When “Black Lives Matter” began most recently, at the heaviest, the people who are being hurt most are bi-racial. I have spoken with them. I was glad to share those positive Facebook Pages of folks mixed in every color. It was beauty. Individual. Unique. What is wrong with that? Many people were happy to see this. Their fears, now gone. See sweethearts? You are loved. No matter the color. We are the Human Race.

We are One in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord.

#ALLlivesMATTER – #EVERYONEmatters

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