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☠ Toxic Tea ☠

As a lady living a Ketogenic Lifestyle, I consume a large amount of tea and coffee. Of the two, tea is my “go-to” drink outside of plain water and I am likely to have a steaming cup next to me any time of the day or night.

Consuming a variety of brews from Black, Green, White, Oolong, and Herbal, I compose this writing with a scrumptious cup of Organic Chai Tea by Tazo. I love this company. Tazo Tea’s are one of the front-runners in the tea-making industry. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Their teas are safe to use, it’s important to me.

Tea, regardless of type, (exception herbal) all come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. There are five types of tea, though I do not use Pu’erh, fermented tea, and therefore not discussing. The other four are Black, Green, White, and Oolong.

Black Tea is oxidized, more caffeinated, and robust. Green Tea is harvested early and heated with steam or pan firing and quickly dried to stop any oxidation. Green Tea has caffeine though less than black. White Tea is unprocessed and probably the best for you overall. Then there are the Oolong Teas, which are a giant pain in the ass to make. When sipping Oolong, think of the tedious amount of hours it took to form. Their leaves must grow over a much longer period of time before picking. Then the race is on because processing has to be carried out right away. Respect out to tea growers, their job is laborious!

While brewing my next cup, Celestial Seasonings, Wellness Tea, made with herbs and botanicals, flavor: Hibiscus Lime, I must shout-out praise to them. They have created a new herbal tea brand that is above, beyond, and hallelujah, individually packaged!

Although I have scads of boxes of Celestial Seasonings teas in my pantry, I no longer purchase teas that are not individually sealed inside their own packaging. Because of their Wellness line, I am again purchasing their herbal refreshments and look forward to other “seasonings” by them.

I know, yeah, I am a boujee old broad. Is this a bad thing?
(sips Hibiscus Lime with sparkle in eyes)
If you are wondering, no, I do not stick my pinky out.

One rule I demand is individually packaged, boxed, preferably organic teas, herbs, botanicals, to be brewed in a paper bag. I must send another warning here. I will not buy some teas because of their teabags. Overpriced, considering they are harming their consumers, I perceive them inferior and I am looking at you, Teavana. Hold onto your teacups, their teas are packaged inside of a tetrahedron shaped sachet made out of Polylactide, (PLA) which is a bioplastic!

Speaking of warnings. I purchased a box of Sarsaparilla Tea from a company called “Buddha Teas” paying $12 for a box containing 18 bags. Well now, that was some stupid tax of serious coin from my pocket. I eagerly opened the lavish-looking container and breathed in a wonderful scent of rootbeer. Stop – wait! – Don’t get too excited.

Root Beer companies were forced to stop using real sassafrass and sarsaparilla in 1979. Research shows that drinking sassafras and sarsaparilla causes cancer in lab rats. It is a clear danger. Google it! They are banned by the F.D.A.

When I search engined these toxic teas I found that Sarsaparilla and Sassafrass both contain safrole. Safrole is banned by the F.D.A. termed carcinogenically harmful to humans. Safrole brings on liver cancer and the product was made illegal to consume. It is a volatile oil and a medical threat to innocent people who have no idea what they are ingesting.

My question is why can this be found and purchased over the internet with no issues? Banned, as you cannot legally sell these two products anywhere in the United States and yet they are via their own website and other internet sources. As a Cancer Slayer, I am outraged!

I went back to the online source I bought from and read their bogus claims. The marketing they have behind this encouraging people to drink any time of the day. That it cleans your blood and helps your liver. It causes liver cancer according to the F.D.A. – helpful? – I think not. I shake my head at this company saying that “you can feel good” about consuming their product, and they “believe in living harmoniously, not for profit.

I paid $12 but after my review, they are not getting that now. Their prices dropped at the online store of choice to $8 and I see it elsewhere now for $5 and some change. It is being searched and folks are upset. I know that I am. Then their last comment, “our teas are good for the earth and you!” – How so I ask? – Because their customers drinking this specific tea regularly will end up in the earth. Buried is my guess.

People, according to the F.D.A. this tea can kill you. Cancer. Liver Cancer and also damage to your Kidneys. It is on nearly every online store that markets tea. It may also be in local stores or health food stores.

(blinking with confussion at the absurdity)

Regretfully, I drank one single cup before I got my memo that these substances are carcinogenic. Have those who wanted to try but never had the chance to taste miss out on anything? Not unless you like hot rootbeer with no zesty carbonation. It wasn’t horrible and I have had worse teas but nah, you aren’t missing a thing except for perhaps a cupful of cancer?

Yes, I am being a smart ass on the cup of cancer. Do you blame me? I was and still am terrified that I may have reversed something inside my body chemistry. Just in case I am consuming additional cups of ACV beverage with “the mother” mixed with spices. I will provide the recipe for you. I am also diligent in taking CBD Oil both in tincture form and Cannabidiol Isolate pills.

2-3 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar “Bragg Organic with the Mother”
2 TBSP of Organic Lemon Juice
Cinnamon – Turmeric – Ginger -and- Stevia

Place a cup of hot water mixed with the above ingredients and drink hot. Follow after with a full glass of water. This part is important as it brings this tonic into your system quickly. ACV also purges any Kidney Stones you may have lurking about your kidney’s. Consume up to two 8 oz cups a day but no more. I do not recommend any other brand than Bragg ACV.

Irritated at my purchase mistake I felt I must warn others and left a review. 1 star. I would have left none had that been an option. To quote me, “This should not be sold! Google it, there is an FDA WARNING! Drink and you’ll have yourself a carcinogenic tea. Root beer companies cannot use it anymore. Banned in the 1970’s for being carcinogenic. Going to my trash can. Look up what the DEA says. Shocking. CANCER causing. YOU HAVE BEEN SO WARNED! ANY BRAND – AVOID!”

Naturally, they defended their product saying only one of these substances is banned. Wrong, search engine this yourself, ask Alexa, whatever your “prove it to you” place, search sassafrass and sarsaparilla. Banned.

I question any company that would defend this venom. Assuming at some point of reading you searched and read that both substances are banned by the F.D.A. Who are you going to believe the marketing agent for that brand of tea or the FDA?

I did not ask for (nor offered) my money back. That’s what they want, money. Who cares if it takes the life of an innocent tea drinker? I felt my ignorance of not Googling this first was punishment enough instead of a refund. That and the July 2020 Article.

Tea Drinkers – Keto Folks – Research everything and beware of any Toxic Tea!

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