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► His name is Cannon ◄

The brutal murder of Cannon Hinnant has nearly everyone enraged. Sadly, not all. The BLM and ANTIFA types could not care less. Of course, I have not spoken with all of these people but those who support them had identical answers.

The reaction was the same no matter the Social Media route, or oddly, another customer in a walk-in store. The world is intense not getting any better. 2020 – It’s all downhill from here folks. I have read the book. I know how it ends.

If you do not know who Cannon Hinnant is – he was a five-year-old boy. Innocently riding his bicycle with his two sisters in front of his home. Cannon is white. His neighbor who murdered him is black. The neighbor took a gun, went outside, and shot the child in the head execution-style. He stated that Cannon was too close to his mobile home driveway. This was his reasoning for ending Cannon’s life. Too near someone’s driveway.

Cannon died in his daddy’s arms. His father crying out to GOD as his child took his last breath. His young sisters watched the entire scene as did the neighborhood children. Heartless. There are many who will not simply “get over it” – this is a BLM/ANTIFA suggestion, that people who are concerned about Cannon and his family. We are supposed to “get over it.” Go ahead – give it your best.

If you support Cannon something evil might lurk your way and say you are the one obsessed. They have been carrying ugly signs all day long saying to kill whites and to hate them. These people? demons? are evil. Join the NRA and be packin’ – we are all in a whole new world. Yes, have firearms. Have ammunition. Know how to shoot. Another Civil War in the United States? Starting to feel like it don’t you agree?

Move forward with the race issue. The murdered child is white. The assailant is black. While most were angered some, namely the above mentioned shut up and began talking non stop on Biden and Harris. They were quite chatty about it.

There were no comments on Cannon mind you. Suddenly “Lives Matter” was not an issue. They simply wanted to speak politics now and nothing else. No more on George Floyd (they didn’t dare!) and not a peep on the injustice of an early death, a baby simply riding his bike in the afternoon.

Why the silence? Why do you think?

I was waiting in line at a grocery. The standing (6 feet apart) customers began a conversation on Cannon. One woman spoke out. She had vibrantly blue hair that was strikingly beautiful. That is all I can say kindly on her. She was wearing no mask. Of all the customers and workers, she was the only person not wearing one.

She said her words loudly so everyone could hear, saying, “Cannon’s life would not matter
until Black Lives Matter.” I looked to my husband, eyes meeting, masks covered our faces. He and I did not have to say anything, our eyes said it all. Her words were cold. Not a soul said a word. The blue-haired chick laughed. Yeah ya’ll, she laughed.

Sorry to say this person was not the last. I know of others like her. I spoke to one. Her words a copy cat of the other, burning my ears. We are no longer friends and I’ve blocked her from every social I have, cell phones, home phone, everything. She is banned from my life. Anyone wanting to join her – the door is easy to reach. We can’t have coffee if you are BLM or ANTIFA. These are terrorist organizations. I want no relationship with you.

I have overheard horribly racist things on black folks since this happened. What people do not realize is that BLM and ANTIFA are not all black people. As a matter of fact, most, 2/3 are other races. Want a better definition? Okay, they are mostly white. Puzzling isn’t it?

What are they accomplishing but hatred and negativity towards black folks? BLM and ANTIFA are praising the vicious murder, on a 5 year-old-baby-boy. His murderer is seen as a hero to BLM and ANTIFA. They are not a bunch of hoodrats or black people who have had enough. They are a special breed all of their own. They hate America. Most are to the VERY left and by that I mean Democrats.

These are the people who stopped speaking about Floyd’s death immediately when Cannon died. Without warning, they went straight to discussing political strategies for Biden as Cannon’s murder became major discussion. The news said little at first. Cannon was not deemed newsworthy. The intention was to keep it a secret. That will never happen as long as Facebook is kickin’it. A protest of fiercely angry Facebooker’s made news themselves. Before long reports of Cannon came out strong.

I expected that BLM and ANTIFA would be protesting for Cannon. I did not know they were spray painting and/or carrying around signs that said, “FUCK WHITE PEOPLE!” – “KILL WHITE PEOPLE” – keep in mind these were white people sporting the absurdities and the artists painting sick things on statues. These mindless fools attacked Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle, Washington.

Did Jimi Hendrix’s life not matter? Ask one of these people, they’ll tell you, no, until all black lives matter – he did not. (eyes widen) Am I the only person who sees how uncultured and ridiculous this is? Jimi Hendrix was black! Cherokee too, but mostly black. He is known more as a black man, an incredibly gifted black guitarist. He died in 1970. They destroyed his statue.

Who are “they”? I cannot narrow down to a name but they are referred to as Protestors – the BLM sign-carrying – ANTIFA kind of people. I do not know exactly what to pen them. They destroyed Jimi Hendrix’s legacy. It was disgraced. Meanwhile, George Floyd is inside a real GOLD casket and has 17 million dollars.

What? Seventeen Million Dollars? Yes, good people gave it to George Floyd. – #HeDEAD – I assume it was raised for a funeral. Okay – done. Next? Gold Casket aside where is the rest of the funds? You know, I am not sure that the Bible says, but I am fairly certain, it is a cashless society up in Heaven. You cannot take it with you. Whatever is leftover from Floyd’s funeral should be given to charities. Has it?

The ignorant clods who spray paint, destroy property, burn, STEAL, and make a nuisance of themselves are the same shitheads thinking a black man killing a five-year-old makes the murderer heroic. All they want to talk about is Joe Biden. Not all Democrats are bad but many of their supporters are. They show us daily. Joe Biden sniffing children. They are seen. Yes, we see you. Your presence is sensed. You are not transparent or motionless.

Monster’s, caring nothing for Cannon but throwing praise to a 46-year-old dead man. George Floyd was murdered, no doubt about that, but he was also a career criminal. He was trying to pass off a fake $20 bill when captured and killed by the police. George did not deserve death but he set himself up with years of practice.

( mic drop )

He’s buried now. Hopefully with the LORD. Does George Floyd now deserve 17 million dollars and a gold casket too? All the protesting criminals shouting his name? — SCREW THAT! — #HISnamewasCANNON — #JUSTICEforCANNON — #JUSTICEforCANNONhinnant — #SAYhisNAME — #HISnameisCANNON

As for the people who follow me. I have a few rules but not many. We are a fun bunch nearing 100,000 from socials to domains. We are respectful of one another and let it be said – If you can’t hang with the BIG DOGS, go back out on the porch! I am a German Shepherd and my PACK are a bunch of WOLVES ready to tear you apart.

I want no part of Democrats, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, BLM or ANTIFA. With this declared I proudly announce that I am supporting President Donald J. Trump for a second term.

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