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Q -&- A with Followers

Q. (Jackie, Samantha, Kenzie, Mac, and a whole BUNCH of others!) – Why did you stop supporting Bernie Sanders? Why didn’t you consider the Libertarians?

A. Fair question. Bernie left the race despite people who were willing to write him in with rebellion. When that did not happen I was left with two. Bernie told people to vote Biden and 1,2,3, we were no longer “Having Coffee.” It stung. The End.

The Libertarian Party? I would like to count them in on the discussion but reject the idea. Libertarianism is a sweet pipe dream but a wasted vote. I am proudly voting for Donald J. Trump. He is deserving of four more years. Incidentally, this was the most popular question(s).

Q. (Ben) – Are you still for legalizing marijuana? How is Trump involved with that? Isn’t he against weed?

A. Ben, no offense, the word Marijuana was created to scare people. It is incredibly racist to Spanish folks. Honest. The word itself means intoxicant but was fabricated with racial motivation.

Cannabis is not federally legal everywhere, however, more states have become Recreational or in the least Medical since Trump took office. – Fact! – Biden is anti-cannabis as is the former cannabis prosecutor he is running with, Kamala Harris. – FACT part 2! – I have zero respect for them. They would be a mistake for the USA.

Donald Trump is not anti-cannabis. He wants it legal albeit left to the states. Be aware of that when you vote in your local running people. The whole lot of them. If someone is not pro-cannabis, do not vote for them. That simple. The West Coast “gets this” – now if everyone would. Careful who you allow as Governor, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, etc. . . This is not just a Presidential Issue. Ice Cube, Lil Wayne (WEEZY) and 50 Cent agree with me on this. Just sayin’.

Want the greater good for our country? Support Donald Trump. If you have already voted you can legally change your vote until November 3rd. What are you waiting for? If you made a wrong vote – change it immediately! Don’t wait until November 3rd – do it now! – SKEDADDLE! – #TRUMP2020

Q. (Sara) – Who do you think will win the Presidential Election this year?

A. (giggling) – “AND I’M ALWAYS WINNING, LIKE I’M DONALD TRUMP!” – (Ryan Upchurch)

Q. (Teresa) – Do you think pot will ever be legally everywhere? If so when?

A. I do. I believe it is a matter of time. More people need to be enraged about that instead of burning down buildings and rioting. If I could guess of a time as my last prediction (4-20-20) was wrong… I am aiming for 2025 but who knows? Of course, I pray it is sooner. GOD created this plant for medicinal reasons and instead, our country turned it into a substance for racial attacks. Later, going after everyone for the profits it brings. Canada “GETS IT” and part of the USA but more need to awaken. Our Country is not free. Patriots are trying to MAKE it that way again! #MAGA

Q. (Brian) – Why have you stopped holding yearly pageants and modeling events?

A. I don’t possess the “pageantry spirit” anymore. Perhaps it will come back? I own both Charming Belles and Supreme Dolls though keep meeting with a WALL every time I am about to host an event. This year it was Covid. Of all the years, our 20th Anniversary. I take it as a sign and wait it out.

Q. (Lauren) – Did you change the age requirements for your beauty pageants?

A. Nothing is set in stone though I have strongly considered making both an adult-only event. I do not mean that in a pornographic way. I define an adult as someone who has reached their 18th birthday.

Q. (Kelslee) – Will any of your future events help the winners onto television or somehow get into Hollywood again by 2021 or any type of work such as that?

A. Kelslee, that was a very long, run in sentence! Girl, what are you talking about? AINT NO ONE WORKING IN HOLLYWOOD RIGHT NOW! #pandemic

Q. (Donavon) – What turned you away from Pageants and Modeling?

A. The drama it creates. Pageant folks are scrappers and when their precious child does not win, it can and does get ugly. Do not misunderstand, this happens with adults as well. Greatest majority? Parents with 0-17 year olds. The dramathon that follows is heavy for me. I simply do not want to deal with that.

I had every intention to have our 20th Anniversary this year but Corona Virus gave a firm no. Had that event happened it would have been for those 18+ — that is how I feel at the current time. No offense to the Pageant Parents, I am not placing them all into the same basket. There are good ones out there. I get it, the one’s who flip out. Their feelings are hurt. In any case, I do not want to sift through the lot. Maybe later.

Q. (Perry) – Will another Scepter Awards happen any time soon?

A. Yes, and I will let everyone know when it is time to nominate and vote!

Q. (Tyler) – Will the nominee’s at the next Scepter Awards be the same as 2019-2020? Anything from previous years?

A. No, they are never exactly the same, ever. I gotta shake it up a little by adding a little sparkle into my life sugar! I don’t want to bore anyone. Simply adding to the mix. (wink)

Q. (Jennifer) – Are you still on the Ketogenic Diet?

A. Yes, though it is not simply a diet, it is a forever lifestyle that I and my husband Rick are dedicated to. HUZZAH! We will never return to former ways of nourishing our bodies. Honestly, I do not recognize myself. Walking past a mirror can sometimes make me freeze because my peripheral vision does not recognize the reflection. I cannot tell you how weird that is. One day I will post a photo at my heaviest and blow ya’lls minds into oblivion. hehehe, I am so ornery!

Q. (Misty) – What is your favorite keto meal?

A. Double 1/3 lb each, Cheeseburgers, made in the air fryer and Two chaffles as the buns. It’s the mad note!

Q. (Brinker) – Do you have to drink coffee, bulletproof coffee or other coffee’s or Tea’s to go Keto?

A. HEAVENS NO! Make the Macros Work and do some Sweat Equity, you be aight! If you do not drink coffee or tea I suggest you add bone broth to soothe you from a hunger attack or binge. Blessed Wishes.

Q. (Lex) – How are you on the Cancer Journey?

A. I am Cancer Free and Living my Best Life!

Q. (Parker) – Are you anti-Hollywood now?

A. No, where did you get that from? I no longer accept work anything West of the Mississippi. That is all.

Q. (Beverly) – Who all do you write for besides yourself?

A. Now that I must keep a secret because folks don’t want others to know their ghost writer (laughing) it would (ahem) ruin their image a wee bit. I do A LOT of YouTubers, that blew up bigtime. I create content for many folks, from Celebrities to (strangely now) mostly YouTubers nearly all meeting with much success!

Q. (Diane) – Are you going to start your own YouTube Channel?

A. (holding sides in) Hon, I already have one. Two actually. I just do not promote either of them. One of the cover songs “Hurt” I did is there along with music from Birthfamily, including a tune written by Rick’s Great Aunt Margaret (RIP) – I claimed her as MY OWN Aunt naturally and loved her very much. – Her song, “You Gotta Climb” is there performed by Marty Robbins. That is all, just a few songs. They have been up for years. Over ten or close to it I am sure.

As far as getting in front of the camera with my own content? At this time I do not want folks THAT intimately involved with me. Ooooooh I would be rotten. Naturally, I mean that in a good way depending on how warped you are. hehehe. Not at this time but Thanks for the Question!

Q. (Guadalupe) – Do you still have seizures or epilepsy?

A. I do… but it has been nearly over 4 months now and I am overdue. This was once a monthly thing, from birth, that lasted around 8-10 days and sometimes longer. About a year ago the seizures changed. The Partial Complex Focal Seizures went from 10.0 (which is hell) to 0.1 and at the worst, 3.0 — I pray they are gone, for good. I am overjoyed to share this!

Q. (Chelle) – Are you a grandmother?

A. (slap!) – with ENTHUSIASM let me shout – HE – HE – HE – HELL – NO! – ARE YOU NUTS CHYLE? – I STOPPED AT GREAT AUNT! – #DONE

Q. (Bob) – Is it true that you, your husband and daughter all graduated from the same schools?

A. We all attended Smyrna High School – The Bulldogs. Obviously different years claimed by all. I know. Weird. Never saw that coming though the new Smyrna High School is in a totally different building and several miles away from the one Rick and I went to.

Q. (Serena) – Are you writing a book?

A. Yes, but not for myself. (laughing)

Q. (Kathleen) – How long do you believe a baby should be breast fed?

A. As long as the baby is thriving and nowhere near four years old (that is weird and TOO old) I say “child-led weaning.” Remember, you can always pump and put it into a bottle or cup. I encourage nursing. I did so over 8 months 1989-1990. Not easy but anyone can do it. Labor of Love.

Q. (Martha) – Do you still sing professionally?

A. No ma’am. I turn down weddings and demo tapes every year. I get great satisfaction passing those jobs onto others. I continue to sing every day. Oh yeah, I got skills UP in it. – DAMN SKIPPY! – My worry is if I have a seizure while performing and . . . Yeah, it is a thousand wonders it never happened at someone’s wedding. It did happen in high school and with a birth family group on stage. I got in trouble (yelled at) because I can NOT speak when one hits. I was not diagnosed with epilepsy, despite the signals until I was 27 years old. Rick awakened with me sleeping and having a Grand Mal, 1995 on April Fools Day. (I only had Grand Mals when sleeping and they believe that nightmares and P.T.S.D is to blame. TADA! Now, at 52, they SEEM to be going away! – TADA 2.0!

Q. (Natasha) – What are you most proud of?

A.Two things. One, knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for 47 Years – Saved and Baptised 1973. And Two. Marrying my husband Rick Hooper in 1986, 34 years and six months. Proud to admit to them both!


. . . fin . . .

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