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American Injustice


Parents with school-aged children. Have you read through the CDC guidelines for returning to school next semester? I have seen their blue and white banner for days. If you are sending your progeny off to any public or private school later this year, your children will be placed into a world unknown.


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Ebola Virus, 2 flown to America! WHY?

August 1st, 2014 – Ebola – a African VIRUS, far worse than A.I.D.S. (air born) where you could contact the illness simply from going outside in the air, grocery store, opening snail mail, going to school. Ready to begin Homeschooling your Kids? It is not a choice that you are able to make with your […]


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Please Sir … more?

American children are complaining of going hungry at school from the meager amounts of food being served by their cafeteria lunch staff. No matter if you pay full price or reduced, the government has intervened, limiting what schools adopting the new program may feed to their students. This travels deeper, read on. Some of the […]


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VICTORY! Senate passes new bill on TSA

Today, February 7th, 2012 is going down as a celebration for those shouting out for our independence. This is the way it was intended to be in America and why our forefathers fought hard to make our nation a free one. Along the way we gave up our freedoms for “security” fueled by fear and […]


TSA took my baby away

Are you ready for the REVOLUTION? It is here America, taking place and brewing a tempest as I write. The momentum is moving strong. Citizens of the United States are FED up, literally, as in Federal. Today a TSA Agent was arrested for stealing five thousand dollars cash from the jacket of an unsuspecting New York City […]