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Beauty Pageants

Gabrielle Woodard Interview

Gracing the Italian VOGUE magazine website with two remarkable photographs, model Gabrielle Woodard, a Charming Belles National Elite, is moving up fast into the right direction. Affascinante e bella con Flair meridionale! Translation from Italian, “Charming and Beautiful with Southern Flair!”  Gabrielle Woodard strikes a perfect pose, modeling her Charming Belles sashes and rhinestoned crown pin. […]


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Pageant “Go-Go Juice” is Toxic!

Is giving your child a dangerous drink in hopes to improve their stage routine worth their lives to you? Go Go Juice is a lethal substance that should not be given to children.


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A Struttin’ chat with Kenzie Leeser

  Kenzie Leeser, Interview by Sheri Hooper, November 2012 CHARMING BELLES, 2012-2013, NATIONAL ULTIMATE ELITE QUEEN, KENZIE LEESER ULTIMATE NATIONAL ELITE 2012-2013 National Elite Grand Overall, 8-16 Year Divisional Queen National Overall Photogenic 0-16 Years National Overall Stageshots Winner National Overall Portfolio Winner Best Dressed 0-16 Years Best Natural Photo 0-16 Years Prettiest Eyes 0-16 […]


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Charming Belles 2012 National Event

:: NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – August 6th, 2012 The Charming Belles 2012-2013 National Beauty Pageant have commenced with the Queens Court and all other Winners declared including rewards of cash prizes and eleven packages mailed out to the Top Placing Seasonal Delegates. An impressive group holding Beautiful Headshots, Natural Ports, Stage Shots and Composites entered by […]


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Au revoir Belles élite de Charme

Wishing your previous cast of National Queens a cheerful bon voyage as the new Winners are announced is not always easy, speaking for myself that is. Perhaps another reason why I was penned “Momma Belle” years ago, I am the mothering type to those appreciating of such adoration. Momma Belle, how I cherish the title, […]


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Online Voting at The Scepter Awards

To vote in the Scepter Awards you will need to join the Charming Belles group on Yahoo where our Polling is located. Subscribing and Voting are Free. It is super easy and takes only a few minutes. No one knows who voted for whom or their location, their yahoo I.D./email/name – everything is 100% annonymous […]



Scepter Awards 2012 Preliminary Event

The Scepter Awards 3rd Annual Ceremony Photography, Talent, Beauty Pageants, Film/Television, Entertainment Industry Event • Venue • Charming Belles Productions CharmingBelles.com • Host • Sheri Hooper • 2012 Categories • PAGEANT ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT COMPETITOR MOST INSPIRATIONAL COMPETITOR BEST SUPPORTIVE PARENT MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT PARENT MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT FACE MOST LIKELY […]



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