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Child Abuse

► His name is Cannon ◄


The brutal murder of Cannon Hinnant has nearly everyone enraged. Sadly, not all. The BLM and ANTIFA types couldn’t care less.


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Parents with school-aged children. Have you read through the CDC guidelines for returning to school next semester? I have seen their blue and white banner for days. If you are sending your progeny off to any public or private school later this year, your children will be placed into a world unknown.


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☠ 18 KIDS and 1 PEDOPHILE ☠

I am shocked this evening as more details trail in from this newsworthy, albeit sad event. On some Social Media I see uncaring people defending The Duggar’s (Joshua Duggar a/k/a admitted Pedophile.) People in defense of an admitted incest molester to his baby sisters that went on for years. Anyone defending someone like that are […]


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Pageant “Go-Go Juice” is Toxic!

Is giving your child a dangerous drink in hopes to improve their stage routine worth their lives to you? Go Go Juice is a lethal substance that should not be given to children.


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Exposing Internet Child Predators

They are a plague and you have observed them online, Child Predators. Viewing their alarming posts on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Groups, Message Boards, YouTube, Instant Messengers, Paltalk, Chat Rooms and the like. In anger you wonder how they made their way onto your “friends” list and look forward to deleting them, though wait until you […]



TSA took my baby away

Are you ready for the REVOLUTION? It is here America, taking place and brewing a tempest as I write. The momentum is moving strong. Citizens of the United States are FED up, literally, as in Federal. Today a TSA Agent was arrested for stealing five thousand dollars cash from the jacket of an unsuspecting New York City […]