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D-List Celebrities

Femi Nasty – Ashley Judd & Madonna

Ashley Judd, a Femi Nazi, declares, "I am a Nasty Woman!"

They said it would be a peaceful Women’s March. I am glad I did not attend. It was filled to the brim with Femi Nazi’s. There was Violence and Arrests. Most embarrassing, the supporters, very well known celebrities from time forgotten long ago. The celebrity trolls collected for the Women’s March, turning this into a […]


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Bette Midler, The Beast of Burden

Bette Midler is thanking and praising the IRS? Does she believe they will find favor with her or send extra-fat-laden cookies at Christmas? Oh wait, that’s right, Bette is a Communist, no Christmas, better send those treats on her birthday, frosted in red, a Commie favorite. She cannot resist eating them. Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom! […]


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