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Never Have I Ever

Follow @charmingbelles ♥ ELLO LUVS! ♥ (blows kisses) I received many emails from the July post, asking for a better shot of my tresses. More specifically the new “mature” hair, you know, aged! As said in last article, folks who do not know me well are perceiving my hair as blonde now, something I am […]


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Chilling Death of PlayStation Home

PlayStation is “burnin’ down the house” – come this March 2015 there will be no more PlayStation Home. Not merely a rumor or threat, they are ending a major part of their audience, including myself. This feels like betrayal. Although to walk around in their virtual worlds of beaches, casino’s, bowling, underwater swimming adventures so […]


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Block “Join Game” Requests on Facebook

  You know those geeks right? You are Facebooking and wander into “HOME” to see what is up with your peeps, only to find that you have been badgered with game requests to the right hand side of your Facebook. Moreover, these are usually from people that you really do not know. They are pumpkin […]


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Gaming Addictions

Recently I accepted a writing and market research assignment for a major gaming network. I traveled through dozens of states speaking with people who are wrapped up in a virtual world brought to life with consoles, game discs, and accessories. Gamers are meeting up with marvelous dramatic play, involved actions and greater excitement. However there are serious complications for those who cannot detach themselves from their real lives […]


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