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Beth Harwell for Governor

Beth Harwell is a lady of her word. Much like President Donald J. Trump, she keeps her promises. Beth has proven this over the years with fierce dedication. She currently serves as Speaker of the House in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She has held state elected positions since 1988 and was the first female […]


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Femi Nasty – Ashley Judd & Madonna

Ashley Judd, a Femi Nazi, declares, "I am a Nasty Woman!"

They said it would be a peaceful Women’s March. I am glad I did not attend. It was filled to the brim with Femi Nazi’s. There was Violence and Arrests. Most embarrassing, the supporters, very well known celebrities from time forgotten long ago. The celebrity trolls collected for the Women’s March, turning this into a […]


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Ted Cruz, Report Card – You Lose!

Ted Cruz - You Lose!

Ted Cruz has went above and beyond what one would expect of a dirty Politician. He pulled a stunt that shocked the world, including his supporters who once (past tense) adored him and were ready to vote for him in the primaries, including myself. That all changed last night. Predictably on his Facebook his numbers […]


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Questioning Elections

My husband Rick and I, (wedded 29 years now!) in 1993 voted for Bill Clinton (DEMOCRAT). Barely into our twenties, we were first time voters outside of school, college and beauty pageant events. We just did not register to vote. At that time in our lives it did not seem … important… However watching our […]


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Believe in Gary Johnson, Vote Libertarian!

“Gary Johnson for U.S. President 2012 – One must possess INTELLIGENCE to “get it” – One must muster COURAGE to “SHOUT IT!” – One must summon the ENERGY to “BELIEVE IT!” – I believe in GARY JOHNSON as LEADER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!” – Sheri Hooper ©2012 This proclamation may not be appreciated […]



Snubbed into Silence

I voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican Primary, secretively sporting my Ron Paul R3V0LUTI0N t-shirt under my jacket as a symbolic “rebel yell!” and good wish charm. In all honesty I expected him to win the Republican Vote with all states recording the votes correctly and everything carried out fairly at the polls. […]


Fraudsters vs Ron Paul 2012

Perhaps the most eye-opening and thought provoking element of the 2012 Presidential GOP Republican Primary Elections are the growing reports of voting fraud. Circulating from nearly every state where they have been held thus far, the dishonorable actions have American’s talking and in great numbers. There are four final GOP Republican Candidates, all winning at […]


Voting Rules in the United States

Become friendly with Voting terms, Register and vote in the Primaries, there are specific rules for each state, learn them! Stand up for FREED0M, it is your RIGHT as an American, EDUCATE yourself, knowledge is power! The hour is upon you, do the right thing, Fight for your Independence! — RON PAUL R3VOLUTION bringing back […]


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