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About writer, Sheri Hooper

Beware of fitness Gyms

★★★★★★★ THANK GOD! ★★★★★★★ I have successfully talked my old man (Rick Hooper), husband of 29 years, out of joining a useless 24 hour, 365 / 7 days a week, “fitness” gym. At first he had me bedazzled and impressed by all the pretty neon purple colors and jazzy lighting. For that alone, this particular […]


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Personal Returns from Sheri Hooper.

As I watch the time ticking away towards Midnight, making it officially, “New Years Eve 2015” I decide to toss out a few words to my Beloved Readers. The most fabulous ones who are “Bold Enough to Leave a Message” on what they have read. – Respect! You are so appreciated! Kiss-Xo-Xo-Xo-Huggles! Now darling’s, you […]


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Paul McCartney “Out There” 2014

There are concerts and then there are Musical Events. Paul McCartney’s 2014 “Out There” recently held and attended by myself and husband Rick in Nashville, Tennessee was one such triumph. Not a P.R. or work night for me, this was pure, indulgent, pleasure. Well, somewhat pleasurable considering that I was recovering from a wisdom tooth […]


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Cancer of Astrology

Lilith Barren (alias) was an oppressive tormenter who lived in the small subdivision that I did in the sixties to the early 1980’s. Despite living so close for many years I did not know who she was until 1977. I attended a private Christian school Kindergarten and First grades and 2nd-3rd in another school tucked neatly […]


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♫ Ghost Writer in the Sky ♫


  Recently there were violent storms that hit the south with a hair raising, wind blowing, wrath! First Tornadoes and then heavy Ice and Snowfall. There were reports coming in from most counties with downed tree’s and power lines, blown out windows, broken glass, hail, tossed off shingles, hot tubs turned over. A scary thought […]


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1/4 of a Century +1

My husband and I recently celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary. With eyes sparkling, I smile, though with shocking reality that 1986 was nearly thirty years ago. The world is pendulating and spinning faster, we are all aging in acceleration, I am certain of it. Overall, without the dramatics, sweet astonishment that The Lord chose this […]


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About Writer, Sheri Hooper

I am Sheri Hooper, you may also know me as Momma Belle a “stage name” from my business Charming Belles. As a writer you will find that I am a woman who is boldly honest without candy coated “fake” sweetness. I formulate my writing upon diverse and often controversial subjects I feel passionate about. Additionally […]


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