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✝️🎀 Why There’s a Christmas Day 🎀✝️

Christmas from the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties are a tearful shadow of the past. Over the years, creeping into the 21st Century, something prophetic has come about. Barely noticeable – at first – now I see that many American’s have removed Jesus Christ’s birth out of the Christmas Season. It’s simply called a Holiday now, though there are not many things “holy” about them. It’s okay to mention “santa” but nothing else. Don’t want to offend anybody. Listen, I am a Christian and folks, I am offended!

I am trying to determine an exact date. I cannot. Only a year, 2018. Not long after stepping into the 12th month of the year I was suddenly slapped in the face with reality. It is unbearably notable at this writing. Have you picked up on it? My friends, it is no longer PC (Politically Correct) to declare Jesus Christ as the Messiah and celebrate his birth on a specific day in late December.

Anyone can do whatever they want this time of year – except Christians. Especially us Evangelicals, we are hated. Jesus said: “You will be hated for my name sake.” Yes, I see it nearly every day in one form or another. As each year passes it grows darker, more sinister, evil. I see the change, question is, do you?

The first noticeable changes were former decorations they had throughout the city and the major roads. They are not there now because they were never put up. Then came the Main Street. This lovely area formerly had wreaths and lights on the nicest stretches of the long nostalgic block. Now, unless a private homeowner places Christmas decorations, there are none, the city has stopped doing so after decades of tradition. WHY?

Then the middle of the town square. There were some decorations Wreaths but the Nativity Scene was missing and in its place 2 dull looking, barely there, red and green lights in the center of the area. This was the main attraction? It was creepy looking. Something right out of Halloween. The Red and Green lights were not a cheerful brightness, they were dark and ominous, obviously turned down to not show they are there until you are right upon them. Let’s not upset anyone, keep them down low! It looks ridiculous. Red and green dim lights pointing to the sky. A lot of intelligence went into this creative decor. Honestly? It’s an embarrassment. Surely not all cities are doing this?

I became more observant. Decorations at stores were gone or vague. A favorite shopping area have stopped their piped in outdoor Christmas music. That about broke my heart! General traffic was the sound you heard and bustling of people in a hurry. this took some joy out of the CHRISTMAS shopping experience. Nothing at the stores had anything to do with the birth of Jesus. Outside of private homes the only Nativity displays, even Churches, were gone. In Churches defense they are afraid to set them up because of monstrous people who destroy them.

I see this new wave of having Christmas (though idiots spell it X-mas) ridiculous. I have watched on television a commercial advertisement for Groupon showing how to create a Christmas ( ahem, holiday party ) using gaudy colors of yellow, pink, salmon, olive, anything but a Christmas color. Redneck, tissue paper, silly balls, gold paper, flotation devices. What would I call this scheme? Comet ‘s Vomit

Comet as in the fairy tale lore of Sandy Claw and his reindeer.
Flying reindeer, just what do they smoke up in that north pole anyway?
“Secret Elf on the Shelf!”

Laughs aside, I was recently told of Christian and Hebrew Songs have been removed from Public Schools. Some schools have stopped having a Christmas Music Event while others continue with anything religious from the program removed. This is painful to hear. I sang Christian songs not only in the private Christian school I attended but also all of the Public Schools too. It was a different time. A fond memory is as the soloist at my 3rd Grade school Christmas 1976 Program. The song, (shown below by Jim Reeves) was called C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. I auditioned, got the part and on opening night sang with everything I had in me. I was eight years old. The lyrics:

C – Is for the CHRIST CHILD born upon this day

H – Is for Herald Angels in the night

R – Means our Redeemer

I – Means Israel

S – Is for the Star that shown so bright

T – Is for Three wise men, they who Travel far

M – Is for the Manger where HE lay

A – Is for ALL HE stands for

S – Means Shepherds came


Christmas still means C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S to me. I wish the World could feel my faith. Nothing has changed from my viewpoint. It never will. I LOVE YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018!


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