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❥ Hemp Hearted Heroes ❥

Follow @charmingbelles One year ago, precisely at this moment I was recovering from a Radical Hysterectomy. Cancer had grown 90% through my uterus. A “D.E.S BABY”, in utero, (Diethylstilbestrol is a TOXIC synthetic estrogen), these were the cards I were dealt before I even took my first breath. I am playing them. I must go […]

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Regretfully, I must decline . . .

  Follow @charmingbelles I am not alone. Others are also receiving emails and direct messages nearly every day on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media’s. Who are these people? New and older cannabis companies (some legal, others VERY questionable.) They approach with an emailed or tweeted letter. Buy weed from them (high THC) from total […]

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✝️🎀 Why There’s a Christmas Day 🎀✝️

Follow @charmingbelles Christmas from the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties are a tearful shadow of the past. Over the years, creeping into the 21st Century, something prophetic has come about. Barely noticeable – at first – now I see that many American’s have removed Jesus Christ’s birth out of the Christmas Season. It’s simply called […]

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🔮 50 Shades of Sheri 🔮

Follow @charmingbelles Sheri Hooper – Writer – Publicist – Public Relations – Marketing – ActivistNOVEMBER 2018 Think you know me after all these years? Decades Perhaps? Maybe, but not necessarily. Here are fifty facts you may or may not have known about me. No particular order, simply honest information. Ya’ll live for that though don’t […]

Halloween Safety

  Follow @charmingbelles Costuming is something I market 365 days a year. From Pageant contestants to Modeling Events I continue to bring attention on the greatest values offered. Children, Teens to Adults with Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Biblical, Memorial Day, Red/White/Blue, July 4th/Independence Day and many other genres. The […]

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🤹 Ketogenic Lifestyle 🤹

Follow @charmingbelles Living Keto is not simply a “diet”, it is a Lifestyle. If you are desiring to slay cancer, fight epilepsy / seizure disorders or drop weight – effortlessly, you are on the smart path Keto Jedi. Good for you! I have been officially Ketogenic beginning May 10th, 2018. The results are more than […]

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Never Have I Ever

Follow @charmingbelles ♥ ELLO LUVS! ♥ (blows kisses) I received many emails from the July post, asking for a better shot of my tresses. More specifically the new “mature” hair, you know, aged! As said in last article, folks who do not know me well are perceiving my hair as blonde now, something I am […]

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I’m Still Breathing

  I reflect back 5 months and 3 days ago when I was admitted into the hospital facing a complete, radical hysterectomy for Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. I am fortunate for the “much prayed for” doctor who’s path crossed with mine, in a most peculiar way. My cancer was advanced, 90% grown through my uterus, a massive […]

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Beth Harwell for Governor

Beth Harwell is a lady of her word. Much like President Donald J. Trump, she keeps her promises. Beth has proven this over the years with fierce dedication. She currently serves as Speaker of the House in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She has held state elected positions since 1988 and was the first female […]

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CBD Oil Miracle

    I am N.O.R.M.L – are you? This year the cries and shouts of the American Citizens were finally heard. Our voices and activism legalized not only marijuana (real name, Cannabis Sativa) in dozens of states but also the precious drops of CBD Oil, a product of this natural, healing plant. Created by GOD […]

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