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MOVE OVER Law – Updated & Enforced!

Beginning July 1st, 2017, tomorrow, this coming Saturday, the new Move Over Law starts for all Tennesseans and those passing through. The Law at this hour is only for Official Vehicles such as Police, Sheriffs, Ambulances, Fire Trucks and the like, however tomorrow the Law is for all vehicles including motorcycles. If you are driving […]

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☁▲☁ Garage Tornado Shelters ☁▲☁


Tornadoes are apocalyptic with deaths and total devastation every year. Home insurance is outrageous in Tornado Alley, although you do not have to live in such area’s to have a tornado. Los Angeles, California has them now. Who doesn’t? There are no states without tornadoes, period. Technically Tornado Alley is everywhere, with devastation to property, […]

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TN Renaissance Festival at Castle Gwynn

Tennessee Renaissance Festival - May 2017 - Arrington, TN - Model: Vanessa Kowalczik - Charming Belles National Elite Queen

  Tennessee Renaissance Festival – May 2017 – Arrington, TNModel: Vanessa Kowalczik – Charming Belles National Elite Queen Imagine skirting about in 16th Century England. Now foresee yourself really there, not make-believe. Tennessee can make that happen once a year. Not only are people who are working there entertaining in costuming, many people attending will […]

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☀ Sunrise, Sunset ☀ Rivers, Tree’s ☀

Sunrise - River - Backyard

One of our homes is what Rick has penned “The Sticks.” I’ll say! We have zero light pollution – so far out, you cannot see even the closest city. This does make for incredible Sunrises and Sunsets infact they are as perfect as I have ever seen and I am well traveled. Stars have I […]

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Rick Hooper, with 1985 Fender Squire Stratocaster

My husband Rick and I will soon be celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary. Typing out that first sentence my mind was spinning with “huh? – what? – seriously? – 1986? – 31 years? – am I dreaming?” it’s not a dream children, it has been 31 Years and for us it means we stood at […]

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Femi Nasty – Ashley Judd & Madonna

Ashley Judd, a Femi Nazi, declares, "I am a Nasty Woman!"

They said it would be a peaceful Women’s March. I am glad I did not attend. It was filled to the brim with Femi Nazi’s. There was Violence and Arrests. Most embarrassing, the supporters, very well known celebrities from time forgotten long ago. The celebrity trolls collected for the Women’s March, turning this into a […]

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Quotes by Sheri Hooper

” Find Beauty in all Music ” — ©1997 Sheri Hooper (Directed towards narrow minded people on divergent genre’s of musical interest.) ” Dance Merrily & Cavort, Childhood Lasts but a Whisper of Time ” — ©2000 Sheri Hooper (A truthful statement with clear significance.) ” Bravery is Best, Equaling Success ” — ©2004 Sheri […]


Thanksgiving Thirty

What Blessings were bestowed upon you in 2016?

I had thirty days to be Thankful this month. Can you follow my lead and come up with thirty of your own? A simple Thanksgiving 30 of soulful thoughts and factual blessings. Write or type them down, along with the date. Keep it in your collection. Celebrate and enjoy each truth filled moment of my […]

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︶୧꒰꒱୨︶ ANGELICA ︶୧꒰꒱୨︶

No one grieves the same. That made plainly obvious, not everyone knew a girl I attended High School with named Angelica. It was not a tie in votes the same way that I took her and she to me compared to all the other students. Some knew of her though did not like her. To […]

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