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Halloween Safety

  Follow @charmingbelles Costuming is something I market 365 days a year. From Pageant contestants to Modeling Events I continue to bring attention on the greatest values offered. Children, Teens to Adults with Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Biblical, Memorial Day, Red/White/Blue, July 4th/Independence Day and many other genres. The […]


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Chipotle Grill

As a former customer, I now refer to this restaurant as “Chipot-Lame”. Their ignorant decision of banning guns and their Registered Legal Owners into their establishment, how would anyone feel safe there now? Legal Weapon owners are forbidden to enter. What happens when Meth Head Mary comes in blown out of her mind, swinging illegally obtained fire-arms, knives, bombs, etc … demanding money from the Chipotle Grill […]


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