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💐 35 Years 💐

Mrs. Sheri Hooper – April 25th, 2021

April 25th, 1986 – a most important date for my husband Rick and I, our wedding. Though it seems not long ago, it has been 35 years. How does time travel in the blink of an eye? You know what they say, “time flies when having fun.” Indeed, I agree.

I have no regrets marrying him. He is a satisfying, solid, Christian, gentleman who has loved me more than any other. Thirty Five years later and I continue to believe this journey was sanctified by GOD. Rick’s love is the reward and I am a very fortunate woman. Am I saying that I believe in Soul Mates? Absolutely, there is no uncertainty, he is mine and I am his.

Rick and I were both teenagers when tying the knot. Not a soul predicted we would be married long. Here we are in 2021, proving them all wrong, happily together 35 years later. The LOVE of my life. We are ONE flesh.

When marrying we both received the same question, “Pregnant?” Answer is still the same, no, I was not pregnant. That happened later in 1987 and again in 1988.

Teens fresh out of high school and still attending continue to marry young. There are no rules that the girl must be carrying a baby inside her uterus. Reason for marriage? Because they want to. What is wrong with that?

I remember rude people saying we would never get past a few years. Being told that we were making a big mistake and should wait. Knowing each other since High School, we’d been a pair since 1984. By 1985 it was serious and he asked me to marry him, giving me a ring. A year later I was escorted down the aisle.

Those who were against our union were not there. They were not invited and we did not allow them into the secret until the day after. The reason was someone threatened that if we eloped this villain would do everything to stop it.

To be in the know about our wedding day, and more importantly, a guest, you could not be a beast with any menacing intimidation. Do you blame us? We married that Friday evening. Rick and I love presenting impolite brute’s wrong.

A girl we attended school with was blessed with a father who was a Minister of a local church. He brought us together in marital bliss that night in 1986. GOD Bless Him, he said multiple prayers. When I say “multiple” all I can comment is, “You just HAD to be there!” – he said a

Folks attending commented that they had never heard a preacher say so many prayers at a single wedding. As a Vocalist to 100’s of weddings, I agreed. Decades later, I continue to say that but who is to argue with his success? It worked, AMEN!

Thirty five years of laughter thrown back to the savages. We showed them all and proud of it. We win, they lose. About half of these barbarians are now divorced, some more than once, twice, three times, we stopped counting…

Speaking of friends from school. With the exception of one former female friend (I’ve not spoken with in decades) the rest of our same aged schoolmates celebrated our decision to marry at 18 and 19. They were happy for us. Many of them followed our lead and married not long after. While I cannot say all of them are with their first spouse, we were supported and that lifted up our spirits.

For our 35th Anniversary, Rick and I enjoyed spending every moment together, shopping, and feasting on Rib Eyes. We bought the Boxed Set of every Season of “The Office” on Blu-Ray and a gorgeous stainless steel Ice Cream maker by Cuisinart.

We are binge watching episodes of The Office including Bonus Features and having a blast! At this writing we are on Season IV. I’ve created scads of Ice Cream, freezing in special “made for ice cream” containers, coming up with my own recipes and experimenting. It’s going very well.

I am thrilled that I can make Ketogenic Ice Cream that is not fluffed up with air and food fillers. I mastered the art of dairy products with organic ingredients that are healthy and taste better than anything I’ve ever pulled out of a grocery freezer. This wondrous item is fast. Two Quarts in a mere 25 minutes!

I will never add ice cream to my shopping list again. I don’t have to. I only need Heavy Cream, Canned Coconut Milk, Vanilla Extract, anything else that strikes my fancy and a Keto Friendly sweetener. I prefer liquid Allulose. Powdered Swerve works well too. Perfection!

When a couple shares they are engaged to be married and you wish to be at their wedding, don’t warn them you will try to jeopardize their plans. Act your age, honor their decision and you will observe a most beautiful day in their lives.

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