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Keto Mistakes

Keto Mistakes. We’ve all made them. For instance, buying up in bulk without looking at the nutritional information. Specifically, Keto Products where one must always look for the carb count. Check your Macros, As you see, I recently did not.

The current haul is going to take a while to finish. In my home, it’s just the two of us (pets don’t eat this) and servings are going to have to be kept small. We don’t want to fall out of Ketosis! Carbs are incredibly high for these bars and nuts. — Oops!

This is 4 pounds of roasted, unsalted Cashews, 4 lbs of roasted unsalted Pistachios, and 4 (twelve-pack) boxes of White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars. That equals 48 bars folks!

Oh NO, I didn’t – oh YES I did!

The White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar has a whopping 5 carbs per bar. I have the memo now. Quest carries some products with more than four carbs in a serving. (gasp!) I have never looked, there may be bars with an even higher carb count. Each bar is different and not created with exact formulas. In other words, they are not identical.

If carbs are what you are wanting, I suggest these. They are splendid but not for me. I wasn’t paying attention, hurried along and Subscribed and Saved immediately. Oh, what lovely boxes. Are they not pretty? (eye roll) That’s good marketing there. Just saying. They do however taste just as good as they look.

A pleasure to eat and pretty to look at but five carbs for one item – sorry, no! If I have one, I will consume half at a time.

The Cashews were meant for my Indian dishes mostly, we are both fond of Butter Chicken. Side note on the Butter Chicken. I recently found out is high carb but if you tweak the recipe you can turn it Keto Frienly. I will be using Macadamia nuts instead and other vegetables in lieu of tomatoes to make them fit my Macros.

I am bummed out that I will not be using the Cashews for the Indian foods but the Macadamia nuts will suffice. The Cashews will be used for a salad topping or a small snack. The same goes with the Pistachios.

Eight pounds of incredibly wonderful nuts. 8 lbs of nuts that will take forever to consume – 1/8th of a cup at a time. (blinking) I am fearful of these tasty treats but they are just like the Quest bars, exquisite but too much of a carb count for my household. Blasted Creepy Carbs! They ruin everything!

Another disappointment I will share. Buying a cart full of Rib Eyes I thought I would top them with roasted garlic. Who doesn’t love that? The thought of checking macros on a fresh vegetable – this was fresh garlic cloves – never occurred to me. Not once did this cross my mind, tossing two bags into the cart, without so much as a blink of an eye.

What sadness to find that there were 43 servings in each bag – sorry to report, they are 1 carb per clove. Keto Folks know, that means 43 carbohydrates in every bag. Who eats only 1 roasted garlic clove atop their rib eye? Not us, not ever! One bag was for Rick, the other for me. That definitely would have taken us out of Ketosis. I did not know how unfriendly garlic is to those on the Ketogenic Diet. I found out days later when making dinner.

Opening the bag when meal prepping, I cut open the plastic bags and placed contents on top of another in a bowl to toss with seasonings and olive oil. Ugh, bag #2 had white mold growing on it. Never mind the expiration date was over a week away, this was a sign from GOD not to eat these for two reasons now. Already upset about the carb count finds and now the mold, I threw both bags into the trash.

I have switched the Quest Bar Subscription to a 4 Gram Bar. The nuts I must stay with unsalted Macadamias, Pecans, and Walnuts. (sniffle) Bye-Bye Pistachios, Cashews, and White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars.

Companies place the Nutritional Values on the boxes and ad’s for a reason. Please read them before making a purchase. Learn from my mistake. Search for the lowest carbohydrates if you are on a Ketogenic Journey. If you do not see those listed – do not buy!

Keto is the big deal now. When I began in 2018 not a whole lot was being said about it. I highly recommend it. This diet, now Lifestyle, cured my husband’s diabetes, he has not taken Metformin since??? It did not take long. He’s also lost 80 pounds, I over 130+.

Buying the right things is paramount and I should have known better with the above. We’ll eat them of course but at a snail’s pace. The Keto Diet works if you chose the right balancing act and again, be a label reader and focus on the Macros. Will they fit into your diet the way you want or place you in jeopardy?

Keep focused Keto Folks. Blessed Wishes, much success, and again, read the label – every line!

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