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I recently interviewed 50 couples who asked me to cover the chaos surrounding racism. “Black Lives Matter” was brought up frequently. I believe that everyone matters. All Human beings matter. There are many who agree with me. I asked them questions and created the following article. These kind people were of all races. No one was excluded. They all share something in common.


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Food Police

I have been warned for decades about people that like to prey and judge on your shopping cart items. It happened recently and was quite alarming though I think I handled the situation well. She would have been punched in the face by me had this been the playground and somewhere in the seventies or […]


Firework Pranks – Explosions of Fear

Many current Soldiers and those who have Served while fighting in WAR are often terrified of fireworks once returning from their duties. Of course not all are afraid, some even shoot them off by the thousands and attend every show they can reach. Everyone handles stress, in this case, WAR, differently. Some have scars that […]


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Cancer of Astrology

Lilith Barren (alias)¬†was an oppressive tormenter who lived in the small subdivision that I did in the sixties to the early 1980’s. Despite living so close for many years I did not know who she was until 1977. I attended a private Christian school Kindergarten and First grades and 2nd-3rd in another school tucked neatly […]


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