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Children’s Activities

Halloween Safety

  Follow @charmingbelles Costuming is something I market 365 days a year. From Pageant contestants to Modeling Events I continue to bring attention on the greatest values offered. Children, Teens to Adults with Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Biblical, Memorial Day, Red/White/Blue, July 4th/Independence Day and many other genres. The […]


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Elite Little Men, 2014-2015 Event

  It is time for photogenic boys to compete in the National Elite Little Man Event at Charming Belles. Boys who are between the ages of newborn to ten are encouraged to compete. Judges will be looking for one specific criteria and that is Photogenic Ability. The new Elite King will know how to win […]


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Girl Scouts partnered with Planned Parenthood

    The shocking admission of support for Planned Parenthood from the C.E.O of Girl Scouts / U.S.A. has left an outcry from Pro-Life scouting parents shouting, “We do not want our children involved with Girl Scouts based upon your decision with Planned Parenthood!” – “This sickens me!” – “We’ve been lied to!” – “We’ve wasted so much time!” – […]


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