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Internet Situations

Regretfully, I must decline . . .

  Follow @charmingbelles I am not alone. Others are also receiving emails and direct messages nearly every day on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media’s. Who are these people? New and older cannabis companies (some legal, others VERY questionable.) They approach with an emailed or tweeted letter. Buy weed from them (high THC) from total […]


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Bad Buyers. Is Facebook an Enabler?

If you are a website owner running a small business or have a much larger operation with buying and selling, always be mindful of the evil minds that are waiting to attack you. Defined in only two words, “Bad Buyers” and they have ravaged the internet so fiercely that many businesses have decided to stop taking orders online. Some have stopped accepting PayPal and major […]


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Block “Join Game” Requests on Facebook

  You know those geeks right? You are Facebooking and wander into “HOME” to see what is up with your peeps, only to find that you have been badgered with game requests to the right hand side of your Facebook. Moreover, these are usually from people that you really do not know. They are pumpkin […]


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Troubled Trollers

“Don’t feed the Trolls” I disagree. Slay with your potion, cleverly.” ©2013 Sheri Hooper     What are these “Internet Trolls” everyone keeps talking about? They are humans, draining energy from others by starting fights, bullying, asking for resources/financial help, create false rumors, spread malicious gossip, enjoy drama in a negative way. There are different types of Trolls over […]


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House Cleaning Online

You know the routine right? Using your favorite Social Media Outlet(s), Facebook, their Groups and Pages – Twitter – MySpace, amongst dozens of others much like them, Yahoo, AOL and MSN Instant Messengers, and Paltalk, to name a few. Every once in awhile one is forced into doing a little House Cleaning. Do I have you puzzled? […]