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Scepter Awards 2019-2020

The Scepter Awards – Event Winners – 2019-2020 – by Sheri Hooper at Charming Belles
Are you an exceptional person in the world or web? Creator? YouTuber? Model? Photographer? Did you get recognized for your hard work? New Winners posted!


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☀ Sunrise, Sunset ☀ Rivers, Tree’s ☀

Sunrise - River - Backyard

One of our homes is what Rick has penned “The Sticks.” I’ll say! We have zero light pollution – so far out, you cannot see even the closest city. This does make for incredible Sunrises and Sunsets infact they are as perfect as I have ever seen and I am well traveled. Stars have I […]


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National Photo Contest closing SOON!

The Charming Belles 2015 National will be closing for entries soon. On the strike of Midnight, CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, September 7th, 2015 at 12:00 A.M. This means on September 6th at 11:59 P.M, you have only 1 minute left for everything to be in, PayPal, Photographs, Bio, everything. Charming Belles do not stretch the time […]


Elite Lady – Charming Belles 2015 National

It is time once again for the annual Charming Belles, 2015 National Elite Lady Event. We have some incredible prizes including cash! Are you at least 18 years old? – You qualify – read on! The Judges will be looking for specifics found in this article. Past winners have included single, married with children and […]


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Bad Buyers. Is Facebook an Enabler?

If you are a website owner running a small business or have a much larger operation with buying and selling, always be mindful of the evil minds that are waiting to attack you. Defined in only two words, “Bad Buyers” and they have ravaged the internet so fiercely that many businesses have decided to stop taking orders online. Some have stopped accepting PayPal and major […]


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Elite Little Men, 2014-2015 Event

  It is time for photogenic boys to compete in the National Elite Little Man Event at Charming Belles. Boys who are between the ages of newborn to ten are encouraged to compete. Judges will be looking for one specific criteria and that is Photogenic Ability. The new Elite King will know how to win […]


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Recommended Photographers 2012-2013

Artists are lovely people. Their commitment to superior work and high performance demands respect. This is the Pageant and Modeling Industry and it is a production for using alot of muscle and brain power. Pageant and Modeling Photography is physically laborious including set-up, lighting, props, and with camera in hand they appear to be doing […]



The Winners are … Scepter Awards 2012

– And The Winners Are – PAGEANT ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR Mr. Tim Whitmer – Emcee – Living Dolls – Little Miss Sunshine 70.59% of the Vote MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT COMPETITOR Eden Wood – Eden’s World – Logo 43.75% of the Vote MOST INSPIRATIONAL COMPETITOR Heather Whitestone – Miss America 1995 50% of the Vote […]