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Open Letter to Great-Niece

Open Letter to Great-Niece

RRYST, months ago I was elated to be contacted by you. My first “Great” – a Great-Niece. You beautiful doll, it was a lovely visit, though as expected it didn’t last long.


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Bubbye’s BIGGEST Fan


Maury came into our lives in the most extraordinary way. His mother, Season, was a stray who was adopted by us February 2001. Two years later in another county Rick accidentally let Season run out the front door. Apparently she had a date with “Tom.” She booked it and we could not catch her. Lovely!


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They’ve Known Me Longer

I may hurt a few feelings, though that is not the intention with my honesty. Everything is truthful. No arguments. These are the cards I was dealt. My Crew are my loved ones on this planet. They have never abandoned nor shunned me. I am Loved and so are they.


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Q -&- A with Followers

Asking my followers, fans, friends and the like to ask me, ANY QUESTION brought in hundreds. These questions were hand picked. I liked them. Don’t be hatin’ if you were not chosen. See Q. on Pageant Mom’s. (giggle)


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Hello my darling Children

USA followers, it is nearing the Presidential Election are you ready? Mauryman, age 17 years and 5 months, much like his nephew, “Madden Hade” is all about the MAGA. Bless them, they allowed me to have a moment or two when our Trump Merch came in. It was memorably amusing. I confirm an all-day photo shoot with two ambitious and tolerant cats. Dutifully, they are helping MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, cheering on President Donald J. Trump. Strike a Pose for The President!


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Food Police

I have been warned for decades about people that like to prey and judge on your shopping cart items. It happened recently and was quite alarming though I think I handled the situation well. She would have been punched in the face by me had this been the playground and somewhere in the seventies or […]


Seized Complexities

Follow @charmingbelles Total Recall, Extreme Recollection, a hideously UNCOMFORTABLE familiarity, previously seen and experienced. Call it what you want, Deja Vu if you’re boujee, it’s all a seizure disorder. Epilepsy, an attack, a fit, a GENETIC DNA MONSTER, whatever . . . specifically, Partial Complex Focal Seizures. I just described them, and they begin this […]


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♛ KEEP CALM, fight cancer, with KETO ♛

Hey Sugars! It is officially eighteen+ months on the Cancer Journey. I continue walking bravely forward and GOD is with me. HE protects his children from evil. Isaiah 54:17: No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.


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Wall of Warriors

Follow @charmingbelles My name and statement are proudly displayed at the top of the “Wall of Warriors” at a former CBD business. Who put it there? I did, but of course! I am over the moon to have been offered the opportunity to leave my signature. I left a colorful 2-word sentence – “FUCK CANCER!” […]


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🔮 50 Shades of Sheri 🔮

Follow @charmingbelles Sheri Hooper – Writer – Publicist – Public Relations – Marketing – ActivistNOVEMBER 2018 Think you know me after all these years? Decades Perhaps? Maybe, but not necessarily. Here are fifty facts you may or may not have known about me. No particular order, simply honest information. Ya’ll live for that though don’t […]


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