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First off, we are both fine. Our two furbabies are doing well also. Our home is strong and sturdy with not a scrape. Debris is floating around the neighborhood but no harm done. A token old plastic soda bottle was dropped into our fence from unseen forces as well as odd pieces of paper and plastic. We are fortunate. Friends in other counties are walking around in a nightmare. An early March tornado is not unheard of but 25 people dying overnight from one is.


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☁▲☁ Garage Tornado Shelters ☁▲☁


Tornadoes are apocalyptic with deaths and total devastation every year. Home insurance is outrageous in Tornado Alley, although you do not have to live in such area’s to have a tornado. Los Angeles, California has them now. Who doesn’t? There are no states without tornadoes, period. Technically Tornado Alley is everywhere, with devastation to property, […]


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